DeerLash defining mascara

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Deerlash is the mascara inspired to does’ enchanting elegance. Long, defined lashes create a captivating look and charming, sweet eyes. Deerlash is made of natural ingredients such as sunflower seed wax and pigments extracted from the Ubame oak charcoal. This is the reason why Deerlash makes the lashes look truly black and glossy, while keeping them fluttery and extremely flexible. The brush with bristles of different lengths captures and separates the lashes, coating them entirely with mascara. DeerLash mascara nearly-vinyl texture allows it to latch on to the lashes perfectly while being very easy to remove. DeerLash can be removed with lukewarm water and a gentle cleanser.
Deerlash contains no parabens, petroleum and animal derivatives, silicones, acrylates, and it is vegetarian and vegan-safe.

  • Cruelty-free: not tested on animals!
  • No silicones, petrolatum and parabens.

Made in Italy.

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