Eco Garden - Seed bombs for Guerrilla Gardening

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These bombs contain clay and flower seeds and serve to flourish again in your city inaccessible places, the land uncultivated or abandoned, construction sites that last a little too long. How? Throw the ball over the fences, or cover them lightly to the ground, with the first rain, the ball will decompose and the seeds will grow. So you leave your signature for many years, doing flourishing perennials and indigenous flowers. Available red bombs with seeds of Wild poppy, or blue bombs with cornflower seeds. A fun and educational activity to do also with the children.

Package Contents:
- 10 balls of earth and clay containing poppy or cornflower
- Natural pigment
- Balls completely biodegradable

Our advice:
Although launched in autumn will produce flowers the next spring! If launched be careful they do not break and they land on the land and not on the street.


Radis & Capucine is the brand name for the retail collection of gardening gifts, created, designed and manufactured by the parent company Interseed SA in France. Seed producer since 1927, the company - Interseed SA is a privately owned family business, and trades in seed in France also for Export.

Jean Sébastien Griffaton (3rd generation of the family) created the concept of the Radis & Capucine Collection ten years ago because of his belief that growing plants from seed should be fun, educative and reach all ages of novice gardeners, and indeed especially aimed at keen urban gardeners, families and the younger generation.

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