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A comfortable hemp vest produced in soft and highly elastic quality which guarantees a perfect fit and a high comfort.

Material: 52,5% hemp, 42,5% organic cotton, 5% elasthan. Available in black or natural white.

By the way:
New research confirms old traditional recommendations which say that humans with sensitive skin should wear hemp clothes. Hemp fibres have the same micro electric voltage like the human skin.

Our production is located in China and sets a guideline combined out of the highest social and ecological requirements for conditions in the respective production locations and they give us the guarantee of the following:

• apart from hemp, certified organically grown cotton is processed
• colouring takes place without making use of harmful chemicals

Our production has its own garment factory and can guarantee following:

- humane conditions of work
- no discrimination whatsoever (ILO Conv. No.100 & 111)
- no exploitation through child labour (ILO Conv. No.138)
- 20% higher wages than average wages
- no prolonged working hours
- voluntary employment (no compulsory labour) (ILO Conv. No.29 & 105)


icon Recensioni

Bottamedi Franco on 31/08/2015

Pensavo la canapa adatta all'estate, ma invece va bene quest'inverno.
Per la misura (la S), dove il modello in bambù è un po abbondante, questa è un po stretta

Karim on 04/08/2014

Questa canottiera è troppo pesante. Non ha senso indossare qualcosa senza maniche se il resto tiene troppo caldo.
L'ho appena comprata ma non la indosseró mai. Non serve a niente.

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