Polar Fleece jacket with zip in organic cotton

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Sporty, cuddly and slightly fitted cut - this is the zipped jacket with chin protectorfor her. Zipped pockets protect your hands from the cold. Slightly tapered at the waist. 100% Organic Cotton.

Available colours: black

Mashine wash at 30°C.

Made in India for brand Living Crafts.

GOTS certification.

Motivation: "Sustainability is not a fashion term. Quite the opposite - and we were proud of this tradition. We have been successful in manufacturing eco-textiles for almost 25 years, applying environmentally friendly and socioeconomic methods. We value credibility, consistency, and trust, and as a result, we get to work a fresh every day with joy and enthusiasm. Why? Because we believe that it's the only way to create transparency and sustainability. - Frank Shell (managing director).

That is why we pay close attention to fair working conditions at our production sites; we avoid the use of pesticides and chemical additives for growing and processing our raw materials. That’s also the reason for choosing equipment which is operated thermo-mechanically only. Hence, we choose eco-friendly, poison-free colours for our fabrics and make sure that we reduce the environmental impact when transporting our goods. Our products are based on experience, trust and competence. We are not interested in fleetingness. Our designs are timeless as LIVING CRAFTS epitomises consistency. We want to pass on to our clients the things we have learned over the years in business. To us, our ecological persuasion is more than a business close to nature.
History: LIVING CRAFTS began as a sole-trader-business in a garage. Persuasion and stamina have turned it into an eco-friendly company which has been pursuing its traditional values consistently. Being responsible towards nature is first and foremost for LIVING CRAFTS. This maxim dictates the strict ecological guidelines and parameters in our production and manufacturing processes as well as in trading and transporting our LIVING CRAFTS goods. We think in line with nature and our times. That is the reason for funning a research and development department which looks into the use of natural fibres which have not been used up to now. Our raw materials are grown organically; our colours are free from poison. We condition our textiles without using any chemical additives. That’s our LIVING CRAFTS standard. In order to stick to it, we are constantly checked by independent institutes. Although we have moved out of the garage, our ideals have remained constant. We feel obliged to the textiles of nature.
Our persuasion. LIVING CRAFTS, as a company, is conscious of its responsibility towards nature and the environment. Hence, all of our production processes are geared towards that. To us, cooperating with and being fair with regard to the environment, our suppliers and customers is of the utmost importance.

Our standards. In addition to paying attention to the certification of our textiles pursuant to Control Union and Naturland, we are also particularly interested in the socioeconomic standards at our production sites. Most of our factories work in accordance with the SKAL guidelines as well as the SA 8000 social standards. Fair trade is a matter that is close to our heart. This includes adequate wages, fair working conditions and long-term partnership contracts with our producers. Naturally, we also pay attention that ecological requirements are met at our production sites abroad as well. This is mainly about adequate storage places, cleanness and the right treatment of our raw materials without the use of pesticides and herbicides.
Our site in Germany is by no means excluded from our socioeconomic ambitions. Here, we endeavour, as much as we can, to work on the area of conservation and toward social justice.

Our controls. Independent institutes such as Control Union (CU) check whether we adhere to our guidelines. The tests are carried out by the various manufacturing companies themselves in accordance with our quality directives. In addition, we have our textiles checked regularly by external laboratories which test them for harmful substances.
Dyeing We dye out fabrics without heavy metals and formaldehydes. Our dyes are non-poisons and gentle on sensitive skin.

The dyes. We dye fabrics without heavy metals, weighting agents, complex agents, and formaldehyde pursuant to the guidelines of Naturland and the International Association of the Natural Textile Industry (IVN). Our dyes are toxicologically harmless.

The process. Our fabrics are dyed in a water-dye bath. Afterwards, the dyes are fixed.

The conditions. Our factories have their own waste water treatment plants. In order to dye fabrics, a certain temperature is necessary. The waste heat which is generated in the heating process is used in our factories to generate electricity. Our factories also use wind energy.


Equipment We equip our textiles solely in a thermo-mechanical fashion and avoid chemical treatment of the fabrics altogether.

The process. The term equipping describes the physical/mechanical treatment of the fabrics to change their characteristics, adapt them to customer requests and to refine them. At LIVING CRAFTS, we equip our fabrics in a thermo-mechanic fashion only. First, the fabrics are washed; then they are crushed and roughened. Afterwards, the surface is steamed, fixed with heat or mechanically felted.

The characteristics. By applying the above methods, some of our textiles obtain a softer surface. Temperature treatment also prevents shrinking later on. Generally, our natural textiles are somewhat less soft than chemically treated fabrics since we avoid artificial additives such as for example bleach, resins, formaldehydes and salt.


Prints The production companies of LIVING CRAFTS print by using the screen printing technique. All pigments, pastes, dyes and additives that are required for this purpose, are water-based. The processes are in line with the directives of Naturland and the Control Union (CU).


Make & Production We produce our textiles in India and Croatia. Every step, from the raw material to the packing of the finished product is carried out under one roof to avoid long transport routes.

The production sites. All LIVING CRAFTS textiles are produced in India in accordance with socioeconomic and ecological standards. Generally, every step from the yarn to the refining all the way to packing the finished textiles is carried out under one roof. LIVING CRAFTS socks are an exception, they are processed in Croatia.

The process. The manufacturing process comprises mainly of the cutting of the fabrics as well as the joining of the different parts of entire articles, such as clothing items. The ingredients are added and everything is sewed into a finished item which is then checked.



icon Recensioni

eva on 18/05/2016

Come avevo anticipato ho acquistato anche la taglia S (per me che porto 42) e confermo che la linea è perfetta, sancrata, femminile. Il tessuto pur proteggendo perfettamente dal freddo e dal vento non fa sudare minimamente. Da qualsiasi macchia è facilmente pulibile con un panno umido senza bisogno di lavarla spesso. Dai peli si pulisce scotendola senza nessun problema. Sono davvero felice dell'acquisto.

eva on 03/05/2016

Sono sempre la signora della prima recensione, usandola sto notando anche che pur tenendo caldo ed essere morbidissima, è facile da pulire a differenza di tante altre maglie o pile. Inoltre se presa, come dicevo nella recensione precedente, una taglia un po' più attillata la sua linea sancrata, il bellissimo clore nero e la giustezza dell'attaccatura delle spalle la rende una perfetta giacchetta tra il casual e l'elegante da indossare anche sulle gonne sia estive (per la sera) che invernali. Anche se è la seconda che faccio su quest'articolo che ho acquistato (e sto usando tutti i giorni), spero vorranno inserire anche questa recensione perché è sincera e garantito e non a scopo di lucro :)

Eva on 02/05/2016

è bellissima e pratica sia di tasche che per la chiusura protetta fino al collo. Io porto a spasso i miei tre cani e ho bisogno di cose pratiche e comode. Questa è perfetta. Per una tg. 42 consiglio, perchè stia giusta seppur comoda, una taglia S. Io ho preso la M e sotto puoi metterci comodamente anche abbigliamento invernale. Ma volendola usare anche in queste giornate frizzantine di primavera estate sopra una maglietta più leggera andrebbe meglio una S.
L'immagine della presentazione la faceva sembrare molto più aderente. Ad ogni modo sono proprio contenta e forse ne prendo un'altra, S questa volta. La ditta produttrice è una delle numero uno in campo di abbigliamento naturale.
Grazie per la tempestiva consegna! E' arrivata al momento giusto questa mattina! :)

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