Bloomers is a German brand, of the company Hosenfabrik Richard Hanekamp GmbH, a company specializing in the production of women's trousers and men's jeans.

Their idea is to combine ecological and fair production with a modern and refined design. They chose timeless design instead of fast-changing trends, and natural materials instead of mass-market cheap products.

They aim to bring all Bloomers trousers to the market with GOTS certification: in fact, the virgin wool comes from controlled organic farming (kbT), and the cotton from controlled organic cultivation (kbA).

From the raw material to the finished trousers, the entire textile production chain is controlled and certified. All the suppliers Bloomers works with are GOTS certified for the cultivation and weaving of organic cotton and for the organic farming of the sheep that supply the wool, right up to the sewing of the finished trousers.

With the GOTS seal of approval, social standards for workers must also be respected at all stages of the process!