BOHODOT is a Spanish brand. In 2012, Peque and Cris started this project, mother and daughter.

In their DNA is the care for the small details, the quality of their swimsuits created by and for women, and the commitment to sustainable fabrics and materials.

Bohodot's workshops of are all in Barcelona, and they work so under Spanish labor regulations, to promote the fashion sector in Spain. Each bikini is made by people who do it with lots of love and take care of the details for each one of you.

From the first year, they produce bikinis responsibly with sustainable materials, achieving high quality in their garments. Your Bohodot will accompany you to wonderful destinations for years to come.

They want to contribute to cleaning up the Mediterranean Sea. More than 70% of their fabrics come from recycled nylon made from plastic waste (bottles, fishing nets) found in the Mediterranean Sea. They give a second life to plastic and cleaning the sea.



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