LOLIETTOO® is the Start Up of the Sant'Anna School of Advanced Studies in Pisa, the result of an ambitious project aimed at enhancing agrobiodiversity in the world, to produce in an artisanal and conscious way very pure oils from plants that grow spontaneously in their places of origin. origin.

The precious nectar of this process is COCCOON, the sustainable and multifunctional eco-cosmetics line. Essential and transparent, Coccoon is based on a fair production chain, managed and controlled directly, without intermediaries.

The biological rhythms of nature are respected and human resources are enhanced, developing top quality products based on the first pure oil produced in Bali together with local agricultural communities: raw coconut oil.

Lolietto's mission is to create safe, delicate, effective products, ideal for taking care of the whole body, at home or on the go. With this minimal and genuine approach indispensable products are born. Precious for the quality and abundance of pure oil, and also because it is multipurpose, pocket-sized, long-lasting, possibly solid, and stored in zero waste, biodegradable and recyclable packaging.

Attention to the environment is in fact a vital principle on which the entire line rests, which respects plant species and their spontaneous growth in the countries of origin, counteracting intensive cultivation.



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