Colorio Organics

Colorio Organics
Colorio Organics is an ethical brand from Slovakia, making beautiful underwear in cool colors... keep reading...

Colorio Organics is an ethical brand from Slovakia, making beautiful underwear in cool colors and prints! They design all their pieces to be catchy, colorful and fun to wear!  They have decided to prove that organic can be colorful and fun.

All of their designs are handmade, unique and offered only in few pieces to the market. They design new collections every 2 months.

Designing Colorio Organics underwear is the part they love the most! They often get inspired by people on the street, and what they wear and what colors they combine together. Lot of inspiration also comes from nature and its colors. After getting the idea, they search for fabrics that fit the idea the best. This is the hard part because they have very high criteria on fabrics. They have to be GOTS certified organic cotton, they need to stretch in order for underwear to fit well, they need to have the right thickness and softness and have the right colors and patterns. People often ask how is it possible that organic is so colorful?  All of the fabrics we use are GOTS certified organic cotton. This means that cotton was grown the organic way and also the fabrics were processed and dyed organic way with inks that meet high GOTS criteria. Each step in supply chain from growing the seeds at the farm to finished and packed fabric has to be GOTS certified. This way we ensure the organic quality and transparency of all our products.

When they have the designs and fabrics, we take them to their tailor to make the prototypes. This is another crucial part in the ethical process of the production. They don’t use the big companies for manufacturing the products. They choose the small local tailors who are more expensive and make everything by hand in order to support small local businesses rather than corporations and eliminate the transportation as that’s what harms the environment as well.

The fabrics and materials are limited and much harder to find and they are also more expensive. The sewing process takes longer and is also more expensive that choosing the big manufacturers, but it’s all worth it!

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