Cotorra authentic Turkish fabrics are still made in its traditional way, crafted from natural fibres and flat woven, resulting in an extremely absorbent and soft texture to guarantee the most distinguished experience and long-lasting life.

Cotorra premium cotton has extra-long fibres resulting in stronger and smoother cotton threads. This characteristic makes fabrics become even softer and more absorbent with successive use and washing.

At Barcelona-based studio, they are dedicated to creating a unique experience, focusing on premium quality, an ethical foundation, ecological production processes and contemporary designs. Reducing wasteful consumption and presenting a sustainable product is their defined goal.

To fulfil the objective to be an ethically minded company they carefully select all of their partners at every level of the production cycle. Every decision is made by a mindful analysis of all stakeholders involved.

They cautiously choose their production sites personally. In order to guarantee a consistently high standard of working conditions, they get an in-depth understanding of all production areas, processes and employees. They visit all suppliers on a bi-monthly basis.

They only work with fabrics that have the OekoTex Standard 100 certificate that guarantees that no harmful substances are used in the production process. They exclusively work with natural fabrics given their renewable, biodegradable and carbon neutral characteristic.

Packaging is crucial in the quest for a sustainable impact: therefore they have a 100% No-Plastic policy.



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