Eco Rascals was founded in 2018 by two British moms Kristina Williams and Celeidh Cook. Sharing their deep passion for reducing the use of plastic, they wanted to develop dishes for baby and baby food that were plastic-free, sustainable, biodegradable and at the same time with a nice and cheerful design for children.

They chose bamboo as the main material. Bamboo grass matures in five years, much faster than any other plant that gives rise to wood. Bamboo is grown and harvested without the use of pesticides, it is ecological, biodegradable, resistant to heat, stains, odors and water and, above all, it is not toxic.

The products also have a base in 100% high quality silicone for food use, approved by the FDA.

The bamboo and silicone of Eco Rascals are both SGS certified which guarantees that the products are BPA free.

They don’t use plastic in their range of baby bamboo bowls and section plates. They don’t use plastic in their packaging or shipping and their boxes are made from recycled card. They don’t provide our customers with plastic bags.



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