Kikadu - truly organic

Kikadu - truly organic
Kikadu is a German Company, founded in 2016, from 3 women: SILVI, MANO and GINKA.• Silvia... keep reading...

Kikadu is a German Company, founded in 2016, from 3 women: SILVI, MANO and GINKA.

• Silvia Henneka (Silvi): experienced designer and managing director at Stuttgarter Traditionshauses Korbmayer.

• Mano Sheriff (Mano): CEO and toy manufacturer for over 20 years in Sri Lanka with a team of more than 1,000 employees. (

• Ann Kathrin Christenson (Ginka): former executive partner of Käthe Kruse, the German Puppeninstitution (


• Their certified materials come from a manufacturing facility in India.

• Their natural rubber is extracted and processed in Sri Lanka.

• In Sri Lanka it is manufactured into our products. Each individual piece is finished by a sewer. Each product tells a unique story.

• Their filling materials are made from recycled PET bottles and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. They are a better alternative to natural fillers that are not properly dried and tend to mold.

• They work with environmentally friendly transport companies to deliver our products to Europe and compensate for our CO2 emissions, and their favorite pieces are stored in Stuttgart (Germany).

THEY KNOW THEIR FACTORY: They don´t produce our goods in any random place. After careful consideration, they chose a factory in Sri Lanka to be their partner, to ensure the best possible transparency.

They pay their employees in Sri Lanka a salary that is about 3.5-4x over the minimum wage and offer family-friendly working hours. In addition, their employees receive kindergarten and school vouchers for their children.

ECOLOGICAL TOYS: Fashion for children should be made from skin-friendly materials, as children's skin reacts very sensitively to all types of harmful substances. The cotton used by kikadu is natural, not chemically dyed and thus friendly to your child’s skin and the environment.

No to pesticides or other residues.
No to harmful dyes, from which heavy metals can dissolve
No to optical brighteners and yes to formaldehyde and glyoxal free Equipment.

They also use nickel free metals for buttons and Zippers.

THE EN71 STANDARD: kikadu toys are always manufactured according to the EN71 directive and of course CE-certified. The following aspects are covered: Mechanical functionality, noise, fire refractoriness, chemical composition, electrical safety, hygiene and radiation. For kikadu, the safety of our children is of utmost importance!