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Deoly cream deodorant designed to contrast the pungent odor of young skin. Effective and long-lasting, it is indicated for boys and girls starting from puberty, who need particular delicacy and protection. Based on only natural ingredients, highly breathable, such as sodium bicarbonate, kaolin and rice starch, it does not alter the physiological sweating and guarantees a persistent antidorax action. Unisex fragrance ideal for both boys and girls.

Indications: particularly indicated for adolescent and young people, but also for those who engage in intense physical activity.

Fragrance: avocado and cucumber (hypoallergenic).

Deoly deodorants meet the needs of the whole family, with effective and delicate formulations that do not alter the physiological pH of the skin but tend to normalize its acidity, avoiding the formation of bad odors. Without affecting the process of physiological sweating and the natural microbial flora, they combine natural ingredients to exploit different mechanisms of anti-odor action:

  • absorbent - the rice starch and the clays present physically capture the odorous molecules, or they adsorb them on the surface, transforming them into compounds that are less volatile and no longer smelly;
  • anti-enzymatic - the trieticitrato inhibits the activity of bacterial enzymes, lowering skin pH and limiting activity and bacterial development;
  • antioxidant - tocopherol acetate inhibits bacterial oxidases.
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100% Italian rice starch, soothing and anti-itch, ideal for the skin of newborn and children. Highly dermo-compatible and with a high absorbent power, it performs its soothing and refreshing action without compromising the physiological perspiration of the skin. Recommended to cleanse the child since birth and as an aid in the treatment of irritations, redness and dermatitis, even in intimate areas. Suitable since birth.

fragrance free

PACKAGING: 70 gr PP bottle

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Active Serum, is a restructuring restructuring around the eyes, in a convenient stick format to always carry with you. Compacting, restorative and soothing action, based on avocado, musk rose, vitamin E, helichrysum and chamomile. Formulated to give elasticity and hydration, it counteracts the action of free radicals, a cause of skin aging, and restores the hydrolipidic balance, responsible for skin dryness. A perfect natural mix with the best antioxidant and redensifying active ingredients, for a sure anti-age, effective and irreplaceable cosmetic effect.

Directions: apply to the most affected areas, even several times a day. Ideal both on dry, tired, mature skin and on young skin in need of new tone and hydration.


  • prevents and repairs cold cracking, even on the hands; to
  • applied cold it reduces swelling under the eyes
  • it can be used as a solid perfume, due to its irresistible rose and vanilla fragrance;
  • moisturizes and prevents wrinkles in every area of ​​the face;
  • visibly reduces the signs of stretch marks and scars.

Hypoallergenic. Fragrance: rose and vanilla.

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The Prima Pelle 30% stick and a soothing repair barrier effect barrier. Formulated for the most sensitive and / or allergic skin. The decongestant action of chamomile and calendula extracts and pumpkin seed oil, eudermic and sanitizing, make the product ideal for any inflammatory state, even in the presence of impaired skin. The full-bodied texture allows a non-occlusive barrier effect, which lets the skin breathe and promotes repair processes.

Indications: adjuvant in reparative processes in case of dermatitis, sunburn, xerosis and itching, reactions to insect and rash bites. It is suitable for every use and requirement and can be applied to any part of the body.



  • reduces waxing redness in a flash;
  • calms the itch quickly and protects the altered skin
  • if used around the nose, it prevents and treats cracking and redness typical of colds;
  • applied to scalding reduces redness and pain quickly;
  • if applied on the bladders it reduces the discomfort.


Hypoallergenic and eco-friendly product. Without fragrance.

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Formulated with precious organic ingredients with emollient properties, such as macadamia nuts oil, rice bran oil and shea butter, Tuttigiorni intensively nourishes the skin with natural fats, protecting it from moisturewith a barrier effect against feces and urine aggression.
The combination of extracts of oats, malva, altea and calendula, together with pumpkin seed oil, make a soothing action on the skin, encouraging regeneration processWithout mineral oils, preservatives, emulsifiers PEG or parabens, Tuttigiorni has been developed to minimize the risk of allergies. Even the delicate scent chosen is free from allergens.

HOW TO USE: as face and body cream, apply a small amount and massage. For diaper change, leave a light layer of product on the surface.

INDICATIONS: use daily at every diaper change, to prevent irritation. Ideal also as a protective and nourishing cream for the whole body. Indicated since the first day of life.

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: macadamia nut oil, rice bran oil, shea butter, lecithin, pumpkin seed oil, tocopherol (vitamin E), oat extract, mallow extract, altea extract, calendula extract.

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The Tarake active gel filler relaxes and smoothes the expression lines around the eyes and lips. It is suitable for all skin types and is rich in natural antioxidant extracts, it is ideal for redensifying an eye area and lips that is turned off and marked, giving the skin an immediate smooth and luminous effect. The echinacea and horsetail extracts activate the fibroblasts, enhancing the synthesis of collagen fibers; vitamin A and vitamin E effectively counteract the excess of free radicals, protecting the skin from oxidative stress. Being an anhydrous gel, ie made without water, it has very concentrated active ingredients and very little is needed.

High performance as a primer before makeup, even for mixed skin, impure and oily, it improves the application of make-up avoiding that the makeup settles in the folds of the skin.

  • Smooth out the signs of expression
  • Redensifies the eye and lip area
  • Ideal as a primer before makeup
  • Hypoallergenic and eco-friendly product.
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Soft and delicate, glides over the skin leaving a feeling of silk over the body. It is a highly moisturizing and smoothing cream, able to provide brightness and softness. The use of innovative and lightweight oils allows this product to be exceptionally enlightening and silky, relying only on its highly fluid extracts and oils, in the complete absence of slack wax and silicones.

HOW TO USE: apply a thin film once or more times a day on well-cleansed skin, both dry and wet.

INDICATIONS: for all types of skin.

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Fluid and fast absorbing cream, it provides a deep anti-aging action, thanks to the presence of functional actives, such as avocado, apricot kernel oil, phytosterols and soy lecithin. With a strong soothing effect, it helps the skin, even compromised, to activate its natural self-regenerating mechanisms, regulating sebum production, reassembling the tissues and acting on skin aging. Suitable for both dry and impure skins, subject to redness, dilated pores and acne. Perfect as a makeup base, it creates a protective, non-occlusive film to make the skin smoother and to optimize the application of make-up.

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Anti-imperfection stick for oily, impure and acneic skin. Helps to reduce the signs of acne and pimples. Apply from the first sign of rash to prevent the spread of inflammation. Used several times a day restores skin smoothness and health.

– Localized treatment
– Promotes the disappearance of acne and pimples
– Minimizes redness and irritation

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