Bacinas is an English manufacturer synonymous with felt slippers made with 100% virgin wool for over 10 years. The slippers are comfortable and snug, of high quality, have a reinforced sole soaked in natural rubber which also makes it non-slip and keep your feet warm in a natural way. The thermoregulating and insulating capacity of the felt keeps the foot temperature constant and absorbs moisture avoiding the sensation of wet foot. They are therefore perfect for autumn and winter but can also be used in summer.

Bacinas is certified Social Fairness Standard for the manufacturing process that respects fair conditions for workers.

Bacinas produces felt slippers for women and men with many unisex models and in many colors. These slippers are also suitable for the elderly due to their ease of wearing them and the non-slip sole.

manufacturing process are paid fairly and have fair working conditions.

The advantages of felt felt slippers at a glance:

  • 100% pure virgin sheep's wool
  • Sound absorbing and non-slip
  • Soft, comfortable and safe walking feeling
  • The felt heats and insulates at the same time
  • Odorless
  • UV resistant: does not fade even in sunlight
  • Slip-on slippers - ideal for seniors and people with reduced mobility
  • Repellent to water and dirt, as the wool is obtained from live sheep, which preserves the natural fat of the wool




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