Grand Step Shoes is a German shoes brand that has been developing the idea of offering fashionable yet ecologically sustainable shoes since the early 1990s. The company has an important knowledge and know-how of the anatomy of the foot and the choice of the right materials and lasts. In addition to fashion and design, the company places great emphasis on sustainability in the materials used, which are ecological and natural, as well as environmentally friendly management and sustainable processing along the entire value chain. Grand Step Shoes seeks to reduce its CO2 balance in all processes through the shortest possible delivery routes and least polluting means of transport, but also water consumption along the production chain.

For the company, environmental sustainability is just as important as social sustainability. This is why it has been working for years with the same partners and suppliers with whom it has long-term cooperation relationships for an open and transparent production process. Production sites are carefully selected and visited several times a year. All production facilities operate according to an internationally recognised code of conduct. In this way, it ensures that all employees work under fair working conditions and with adequate remuneration.

Grand Step Shoes works with shoe factories in Europe and Vietnam. The vegetable-tanned leather collection is produced in Spain by a highly specialised family business where production is still handcrafted and where the leather is sourced from local tanneries without having to be sourced from Asia or other countries.

The hemp collection, on the other hand, is made in a factory in Vietnam with whom the company has a long-standing relationship and with whom they have embarked on a path of sustainable and fair production together, which they continue to develop. In 2017, the factory is in the verification process of the Fair Wear Foundation.

All trainers are 100% vegan, very breathable and well tolerated by allergy sufferers. Hemp guarantees long life and durability for these shoes.



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