Dress how you are, how you feel, how you live. Reinforce your identity, express your essence and care for your environment.

SKFK is a Basque brand, that creates for women that wish to embrace a unique design, inspired by art and culture, with a timeless, comfortable and functional style.

URBAN CHIC STYLE: Functional, feminine and casual with a creative touch. SKFK fashion is slow; made with affection. They design two collections a year with exclusive garments and prints.

CO2 emissions and its reduction and compensation. As well as a clear preference for organic and ecological fibers, they are insistent on measuring and reducing the impact from every step of the process. From sea transport, to the bio-plastic packaging or recycled cotton paper tag, every action is quantified. You are given full transparency to enable you to make an informed.

FAIRTRADE Cotton label: Through the Chetna Coalition (Chetco), SKFK pledges to buy organic cotton, one year in advance, from a cooperative of small farmers located into the Odisha, Maharashtra and Telangana states of India. The price paid is a fair one, and the long-term commitment reduces economic pressure on more than 35,000 farmers.