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Spring Color is a company of Casterfidardo (AN-Italy), their story begins in 1958, with the... keep reading...

Spring Color is a company of Casterfidardo (AN-Italy), their story begins in 1958, with the family of artisans decorators and cabinetmakers who since the late nineteenth century self-produced wall paints and greasy paints. After personal experience of the physical damage caused by the paintings of petrochemical origin, at the beginning of the 90s they began to devote themselves exclusively to the study of ancient recipes of paints and natural products for the building industry, a natural conversion that represents a real own cultural and productive revolution.

Company philosophy: in the production of paints, ecological paints and lime-based mortars, they comply with essential rules:

1) Quality and respect for the health of applicators, manufacturers, homes and those who live there.

2) Quality and respect for the environment, using 100% biodegradable raw materials.

3) Respect of architectural structures for high transpiration, resistance to mold and hygroscopic salts and correspondence to traditional color values.

4) Respect for 'Made in Italy' and the short supply chain, favoring local producers.

Spring Color is a company that believes in corporate social responsibility * and observes the utmost respect for the environment and working conditions. It favors the use of ecological and non-toxic raw materials with a short supply chain, considering the environmental prerogatives not just as a marketing vehicle, but rather as something essential for our work.

Considering insufficient the legal requirements imposed by the European Community to protect health and the environment, they have chosen to do more, declaring with absolute transparency, in every product, all the ingredients on the label. The use of milk, egg, beeswax, glorious components of the history of painting, is flanked by an effective "natural" preservation system (acidification and alkalization with vinegars, essential oils, citric acids, borates, salts , lime, propolis that stabilize the pH and the bacterial load).

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