Brighton Beard Co.

Brighton Beard Co.

Established, designed and manufactured in the seaside town of Brighton, this brand encapsulates the style and spirit of the bearded lifestyle.

The Brighton Beard Co. was founded in 2013 by couple Lloyd and Jessica, who wanted to create a distinctive beard-care range that championed both style and nourishment for the urban beardsman.

Lloyd had grown a beard and realised he needed to find some kind of beast control, before his boss’ “shave it” taunts got the better of him. However, there were no products on the market that really grabbed his attention. So his beau, Jessica, who had been struggling to find employment yet wanted to put her time into something both creative and productive (whilst also partial to a fluffy face) Together, they created The Brighton Beard Co.; and the rest as they say, is history. And Lloyd’s beard lived happily ever after.

Each product is handmade in small batches with 100% natural ingredients, carefully chosen for their beard benefits and their impeccable fragrance. By creating quality, hand crafted products with all natural ingredients, The Brighton Beard Co. provides beard care to nurture your facial fur; making your beard the best it can be.

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A leave-in conditioning treatment with shea butter and jojoba oil to nourish, repair and tame; whilst providing a light hold to help smooth the beard. A tin full o’ goodness.

Beard balm tends to give a little more hold, especially to those who have misbehaved, unruly beards. This beard balm contains shea butter and beeswax, as well as some wondrously beneficial oils. You might opt for the beard balm if you find your beard needs smoothing down and taming - as it'll do a grand job at providing enough hold to keep it looking tip-top, whilst still retaining that natural look. We recommend pairing our beard balm with a natural bristle brush, which will help to smooth out any kinks even further.

40ml  tin.

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A delightfully scented wax with a firm, yet reworkable hold that lasts. A handy, eco-friendly push up tube makes the wax stick ideal for travel. Put the handle in your handlebar.

Providing a firm hold to tame even the most unruly of beards and ‘staches, it allows you to shape, style and twiddle to your heart’s desire.

In a handy travel sized push-up tube, you can either apply directly to the hair or use the traditional way by scraping a small amount of the product. Packaged in a recyclable paper tube with our signature octopus design; this little gem will not only be kind to your mo’, but to planet Earth too.

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The Miller's solid beard shampoo bar is the foundation and first step in beard care. Packed full of beard blessing ingredients, this cleanser is 100% natural with no parabens or sulfates. The Miller's beard shampoo bar cleanses the beard and skin underneath without any upset. This long lasting, highly moisturising shampoo bar is also great for beards that like to roam. It's solid, so no worries at the airport if this little number finds itself in your hand luggage.

100g bar.

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