Vegan OK

Vegan OK

VeganOK is the first and only ethical and environmental certification for Vegan products born in Italy. This is the most popular standard in the world with tens of thousands of certified products in Italy and abroad. Certification is issued for several sectors such as: cosmetics, detergents, perfumes, clothing, food, furnishings, and accessories.

The company that decides to autocertify a product according to the VEGANOK standard, operates in accordance with UNI EN ISO 14021.

VEGANOK is the most widely used standard in Italy that guarantees the consumer precise ethical and environmental characteristics. In particular, it ensures that the single product using the VEGANOK (Self-Declared Environmental Claim, 3.1.16) mandatory on the label of each registered product complies with the VEGANOK specification (Explanatory Statement, 3.1.7).

To get VeganOK certification:


  • The product must not contain any substance or part of animal origin or directly and voluntarily involve the killing, detention or exploitation of animals. In particular, for the use of all additives from which animal origin, plant, mineral or synthesis originate, it is obliged to procure suitable documentation which implies non-animal origin;
  • For any substance or material used in the manufacture of all the products of the VEGANOK trademark, including those on which the VEGANOK brand is not to be used, no tests or procedures that would have led to the direct exploitation of animals and No test or control procedure on the finished product must have led to the immediate exploitation of animals at any stage.


The VeganOk certification logo must be included on the product label.

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