Human Friendly (Eco-friendly product) is an eco-label for products defined as "human health friends".

Certification ensures that the textile production process is carried out in compliance with applicable laws and regulations regarding hygiene standards for the work environment.

The standards for the requirements for obtaining the Human Friendly certification are based on the parameters adopted by OEKO-TEX ® Standard 100, developed by the International Research and Measurement Association in the field of Textile Ecology.

Eligibility criteria for the determination of a "human-friendly" specify the requirements that must be met regarding the concentration limits of harmful substances in textile products and comply with the general and specific certification requirements.

Product features with the aforementioned certification:


  • Do not contain carcinogenic and allergenic substances,
  • They do not contain dyes or heavy metals and formaldehyde above the limit values,
  • The pH corresponds to human skin conditions
  • Have been tested for dye resistance, and their level is in line with the requirements of European standards