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Moisturizing and emollient face cream designed for human skin. Contains bio-extract of Tuscan helicris with dermopurifying, protective and repairing properties. The helicris acts with the bio-soothing extracts of passionflower, mauve, calendula and extra virgin olive oil "Toscano IGP" with its antioxidant, emollient and restituting properties, enhanced by the presence of shark and vitamins. Natural synergy for a rich but light cream that leaves a fresh woody aroma on the skin.


Made in Italy

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A whole body, hair and beard cleanser with delicate surfactants of plant origin. It contains organic elicrisy extract of Elba Island with dermopurifying, lenitive, protective-regenerating and emollient properties for the skin and scalp, it is also indicated for fragile hair or with dandruff. Its function is complemented by extracts of pine, ginko biloba, oats and equinox. For a practical cleansing and refreshing action that hydrates and revitalizes skin, beard and hair, leaving a fresh woody aroma.


Made in Italy

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The Urban Protection Zeolite Conditioner is a conditioning treatment that penetrates the structure of the stem to reconstitute and untangle hair from roots to ends. Strengthens hair and protects it from environmental aggression. It forms a protective barrier to prevent pollutants from depositing in the hair.


Made in Italy by Maternatura

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