Glass is one of the oldest materials, traces of its use are from the III century B.C. It is obtained by cooling the liquids very quickly and solidifying them. Clearly the process is much more complex and the type of liquid used must be considered. Thanks to its versatility, glass has been used in different fields. Its main feature is certainly that of being transparent, finding wide use in window frames.

Glass for food use guarantees a safe and ecological material. In fact it is a chemically unalterable material and therefore does not release substances to foods that remain in contact with it. The glass is free of BPA (Bisphenol A), phthalates, polycarbonate and PVC. Glass does not absorb odors and does not stain, the duration of the glass can be unlimited over time. The glass is also easily recyclable and therefore reusable.

With the advent of plastic, glass found an antagonist supported by the major chemical industries. Surely the fragility of glass has allowed the plastic to replace glass in various utensils for food use. The plastic is certainly quite convenient but not as safe because it can release substances in food. The most striking case is that of Bisphenol A which has recently been banned from food plastic articles dedicated to newborns because considered potentially dangerous. But be careful because it has not been banned from all food plastics but only from baby bottles.

So in our catalog you will find various products in tempered glass which, due to its greater strength, is considered as a safety glass, furthermore in the event of breakage it tends to break into small, blunt and non-cutting pieces which are therefore not very dangerous.

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