Organic spelled chaff

Organic spelled chaff

Spelled is the oldest wheat cultivated by man since the Neolithic, just think that the term flour derives from spelled. It was once a very widespread cereal but considering that its cultivation is not very productive it has been replaced by more and more productive grains.

The organic spelled chaff that you find in our products is obtained from the husk of the spelled beans and therefore has the shape of an elongated capsule. The material thus obtained is granular and malleable and represents a natural alternative to the classic upholstery. The spelled husk is very breathable thanks to the fact that between an envelope and the other you create empty spaces where the air can easily pass.

The organic spelled husk is naturally rich in silicon that can be absorbed by our body also through the skin. For this reason it is also used for therapeutic purposes in case of pains in the bones and joints. In addition, the addition of silicic acid is also useful for the lungs, the immune system, the blood vessels and the skin.

To keep the spelled chaff in good health it is good to expose the pillows to the air, to the sun and shake them often; in fact, the chaff is able to absorb excess moisture, including sweat, and therefore it is good to eliminate it. The chaff is a living material and can give us a pleasant feeling of well-being and at the end of the cycle it is totally biodegradable.

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