Ecovero™ is the sustainable viscose 'branded' by the Austrian Lenzing Group, one of the world's largest viscose producers and owner of the Modal® and Tencel® brands. The company is certified with the EU Ecolabel, the European Union's eco-label for products and services characterised by a reduced environmental impact throughout the entire life cycle. The Austrian company stands out and is recognised in the viscose production market for its special and important focus on a highly eco-friendly production process and compliance with precise ecological and ethical standards.

With this Ecovero™ label in particular, the company sets high environmental and ethical standards:

  • responsible production starting with the sourcing of raw material that only comes from certified forests in Europe, North America and South Africa;
  • health and safety protocols that protect workers and locals in its factories in Austria, Indonesia and China;
  • up to 50% reduction in emissions to air and water compared to conventional viscose production;
  • a 'closed-loop' processing and production system that allows for reduced emissions and the recovery of chemical components used in the transformation process from pulp to fibre that can, for example, be used in the food industry, such as xylan that becomes xylitol for chewing gum or acetic acid for the vinegar industry.

Coming to its characteristics as a textile fibre, Ecovero™ is very shiny and soft, breathable and very comfortable on the skin.



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