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The soap sponge can be considered "two products in one": A soft sponge immersed in a loaf of soft natural soap. The peculiarity of the soap sponge is to combine the very high concentration of the active ingredients of the soap which is soaked, the intense fragrance, and has a toning, moisturizing, softening, nourishing and smoothing.

Sponge & soap is a soft sponge soaked in delicate and natural soap (naturally without SLS and SLES), enriched with Argan Oil, Coconut Oil and Bamboo oil. While washing and massaging your skin, respecting the pH of the skin, giving you a deep cleansing and a lot of softness.

Its use, practical, versatile and eco-friendly, making it ideal for a relaxing bath for a quick shower, easy to use even for children, and easy to take on trips and camping.

Using soaking in the bathtub or in the shower, then s'inumidisce their soap sponge and pass it before the side of the soap, gently rubbing it all over your body, then it is turned on the side of the sponge by massaging the treated areas carefully. Wash out thoroughly.

Inci: Sodium Olivate, Cococate Sodium, Sodium ricate, Sodium Stearate, Vegetable Glycerin, Alcohol Denat, Parfum, C.I.75125, C.I.75810, C.I.75470.

StaiBeneCosmetica is a trademark of Cosmetical Project srl, a company based in the province of Bologna, Italy. In these natural cosmetics lines they use vegetable raw materials and for the most part derived from organic agriculture and work through ecological processes. All products are GMO-free, Nickel free. Also in the lines you will not find: parabens, silicones, silicone derivatives, sulfates, paraffin, PEG, EDTA, BHT, irritant surfactants, petroleum, animal products. StaiBeneCosmetica with its artisan production of natural oranic cosmetics rich in natural plant active ingredients, carries the clear message of a wish for authentic WellBeing, made of simple and good things to spread on the skin. In the lines you will find: Solidoil, Solidoil Scrub, Soap Sponge, Bach sparkling flowers, Bath Bombs ... All items to treat yourself and give some special moments.

  • StaiBeneCosmetica is organic certified certified by Bioagricert,
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • The raw materials used are Fair Trade from local cooperatives that respect and ensure better conditions for farmers and ensure excluding any possible child exploitation.


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Gabriele on 03/09/2019

Comodissima, il profumo è piacevole

Viviana on 21/11/2016

Trovo questa spugna molto comoda, la usano anche i miei figli. Il profumo terra e fuoco è unisex e mi piace molto perché non è troppo sdolcinato. La pelle rimane bella e profumata.

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