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The organic shampoo and Vegan, Drops Gold used as a cleaning agent after the treatment plant highlighters, facilitate rinsing of herbal powders and at the same time helps to fix the color and estate. Thanks to the high presence of polyunsaturated oils nourishes the hair and makes it shiny and full-bodied, stable color retention. The bioprofumazione decided harmonizes with the smell of herbs. soft and creamy cleanser, specifically for dry hair, dry and treated with extracts of Altea and Aloe and Argan oils and hemp is an ideal product for a nourished and healthy hair.

Contents: 250 ml

certified organic AIAB ECO BIO COSMETICS - QC Organic Certification - VEGAN OK.

INCI: Ingredients: Aqua [Water], Alcohol denat.(*), Hydroxyethyl ethylcellulose, Hamamelis virginiana (Witch hazel) bark/leaf/twig extract (**), Glycerin, Lactic acid, Sodium hydroxide


Phitofilos is an Italian company based in Rome, the owners have 40 years of experience in the herbal and natural sector, and they want to disclose the benefits that nature can even give the most demanding hair, with the belief that a healthy hair is the result a balanced style of life and attentive to the products it uses.

HEALTHY AND PROTECTED HAIR. All Phitofilos lines have been studied and tested to take care of hair in a healthy, natural and delicate, combining the aesthetics, hair health, the environment and people. The aesthetic result is a natural consequence, a healthy mirror.

REFLECTIONS UNIQUE AND NATURAL. The alternative to chemical dyes for gray coverage exists and is all natural. The world of dyeing herbs is rich and stimulating as it is able to offer to each hair a different answer. Henna and many other herbs riflessanti, in addition to ensuring the natural nuances of color, have a beneficial and protective action.

CERTIFICATION. All Phitofilos products have been subjected to the necessary tests to assess the safety and purity: absence of harmful heavy metals and values ​​controlled minerals in plants, absolute skin tolerability, absence of pathogens. This is the quality that is offered to those who choose a Phitofilos product, in full compliance with applicable laws. The products also include the following external certifications:

AIAB cosmetico Bio Ecologico -  QC Certificazione Biologica - VEGAN OK


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Cristina on 20/06/2020

Ero già davvero entusiasta dell’henné che avevo acquistato, molto morbido nell’applicazione, ma con questo gel, posso finalmente dimenticarmi di averlo in posa. Ottimo prodotto già riacquistato, e ad un prezzo davvero abbordabile.

Anissia on 21/01/2019

Perfetto per dare la giusta consistenza alle erbe tintorie soprattutto per chi é alle prime armi: compatta tutto e evita al composto di colare.

Nicole Coppola on 23/03/2018

ottimo prodotto per utilizzare al meglio l'hennè

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