Aleppo soap 30% laurel oil

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Aleppo Soap, probably the first soap got in the Mediterranean basin, it can be considered the most natural soap.

Still it is manufactured in Syria with traditional recipe unchanged, mixing the oil obtained by cold pressing of the olive laurel berries, slow cooked, cut into pats manually and left to dry for 10-12 months to air and the warm sun of the East.

Precisely this long drying gives this soap a long duration. Of extreme sweetness, it is excellent for the cleaning of the person, for the hair, for the most delicate skins who resent traditional soaps, against insect bites, eczema, allergies, psoriasis. Its use is also indicated for hand washing.

Pack of 200gr.

Free of dyes, synthetic fragrances. Completely biodegradable.

Ingredients INCI: Olea Europaea, Laurus nobilis, Sodium Hidroxide, Aqua.

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Laura on 16/08/2019

Ottimo. Delicato per tutte le pelli.

Dania on 02/04/2017

Adoro, il sapone di aleppo un profumo naturale senza coloranti artificiali, lo uso da anni.

Beppe on 10/02/2017

Perfetto per pelli delicate. Avevo eccessiva secchezza e prurito dopo ogni doccia. Con questo prodotto ho risolto. L'immagine non corrisponde a quello che arrivato, ma poco importa le caratteristiche sono medesime.

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