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Inch Blue's award winning baby shoes are designed to be the most comfortable, best fitting shoes your infant will ever wear. Their soft soles are made of suede which are perfect for newborns and pre-walkers.
Inch Blue's cow nappa leather is of the highest quality and very soft and supple. The softness is important so little feet can move freely, without restriction and grow naturally essential for good development.
Handmade ethically in the UK you can be 100% confident that every pair has been tested to the highest standards and safe for toe-suckers.
- Soft suede sole and Genuine Leather
- Elasticated ankle makes them easy to PUT on and STAY on. 
- Because leather is soft and flexible these shoes are the next best thing to bare feet letting little feet grow naturally.
- Soft soles protect growing feet and also allow pre-walkers to feel the ground underneath them which helps develop a sense of balance and natural movement as they take those first steps.
- Non -slip suede soles ideal for indoor and dry outdoor use.
- Soft breathable natural leather keeps the temperature of baby feet regulated. Cosy in Autumn/Winter and Cool in Spring/Summer.

Handmade in Wales. UK

Inch blue is a family business started in 1999, when the founder Rhiannon made the first pair of soft leather baby shoes at her kitchen table heavily pregnant and with very limited sewing skills.

Rhiannon is also very proud to be one of the few UK manufacturers specializing in luxury leather baby shoes and accessories stocked in shops all around the word. They have a small factory in Wales and it's there that the team design all their products and where they are all hand crafted with love for little feet.

Quality is at the heart of this brand and they put all their passion and consideration into everything they do. Inch blue leather is beautifully soft and is tested to the highest global standards and they source their packaging ethically. Functional design means their shoe slips on easily and stays on thanks to the elasticated ankles. Inch Blue shoes are specifically designed to let little feet breathe and grow naturally. Endorsed by some Podiatrist for helping provide the best start for babies, Inch Blue shoes address the delicate nature of babies' feet that can be easily damaged by small or tight shoes.

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Valentina on 27/02/2020

Oltre che bellissimissime, super comode e facili da infilare. Permettono al bimbo di camminare con un minimo di isolamento dal pavimento e l'antiscivolo ma potendo compiere i movimenti del piede come fosse nudo, importante per imparare a compiere i primi passi.

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