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Woman leggings made of 67% bamboo, 28% organic cotton, 5% elasthane.

Available colours: black, purple, dark grey, grape marc, denim, dark rose or blue steel.

Mashine wash at 30°C, save energy, do not tumble dry.

Made in China for Braintree brand.

Braintree is a natural clothing company born in Sydney, Australia and now based in London. We are a unique independent fashion outfit with a simple philosophy - to design and make beautiful, timeless fashion while caring for our environment. We've been championing eco fibres since our humble beginnings in the mid 1990’s producing quality affordable garments, always produced ethically and with sustainability in mind. Our ranges for women and men are made from sustainable fibres such as hemp, bamboo & organic cotton. These fabrics are good for the environment and great to wear! Over the years we've worked passionately to innovate and create the best natural and organic fabrics available; expanding our range from a few t-shirts and beach pants to a full collection of wardrobe essentials. We’re proud of who we are, what we do and how we do it. As ever, the right ingredients in equal doses - hard work, determination and luck have helped us develop and improve our business, as a brand and as industry innovators.

Together with our suppliers we use the latest technologies to create the best hemp, bamboo, organic cotton and more. It’s important to all of us at Braintree that we help improve working conditions for everyone involved in the textile industry. So we only work with suppliers who agree to a Code of Conduct, which means their workers have safe conditions, a living wage and are free from harassment.

We aim to run an ethical fashion company in a responsible way that cares for other people and the world around us. To us, this means:

* Championing sustainable fashion
* Treading lightly on the environment
* Sourcing materials responsibly
* Respecting society
* Nurturing lasting relationships with suppliers and partners


icon Recensioni

federica on 17/12/2016

comodi e morbidi, decisamente un buon prodotto!

vania on 21/11/2016

ho dovuto purtroppo restituire il capo perchè non mi calzava bene nonostante la taglia ampia, troppo poco elastico il che è strano perchè di solito il bamboo è cedevolissimo.

marta on 20/06/2015

prodotto eccellente. il colore vinaccia è stupendo e sono comodissimi

Sabatina on 24/03/2015

Ottimo tessuto sembra di non avere nulla sulla pelle!!

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Mirella Sannazzaro on 02/08/2014

Hanno un bellissimo colore. Speravo che fossero un po' più lunghi, stranamente sono qualche centimetro più corti rispetto allo stesso modello ma del color blu jeans ed il tessuto sembra un po' meno morbido, una volta indossato, così come l'elastico in vita. Complessivamente però l'articolo mi ha pienamente soddisfatta.
EVIDENZIEREI IL FATTORE LUNGHEZZA, specialmente per i periodi più freddi.

Tutto è arrivato con estrema rapidità ed era tutto perfetto!!!

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