Bamboo MidCalf Socks avio striped

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Bamboo midcalf socks, so soft and breathable. The Bamboo fibre has a strong antibacterial and antifungal power. It's highly absorbent, keeping your body drier, cooler and more comfortable. The result is a no-sweat/no-smell, very comfortable sock, cool in summertime and warm in wintertime!

Made of 96% Bamboo and 4% Lycra

Made in Italy by Bellastoria Vegan.

  • These soft and comfortable bamboo socks you can wear all year, during all the seasons. Design and colors are funny and fashionable, to be wear under your suit or sportswear.
  • They reduce smell in a natural way tank to bacteriostatic properties of bamboo fiber. Bamboo yarn keeps its own antibacterial, anti-rust and anti-static characteristics even after many washings.
  • A bamboo sock is a “breathing” sock, thank to its weave which gives a stronger anti-smell effect and a more absorbent power than cotton.
  • Sweat quickly evaporate, donating a comfortable feeling of freshness and wellness.
  • Now available with silver ions, increasingly antibacterial.
  • A bamboo sock protects from UV-rays and has great thermal properties, keeping your foot warm when it’s cold outside and lowering your temperature of roughly two degrees in high temperature conditions.

If you are looking for a Stylish, Comfortable and especially Vegan and Vegetarian clothing and accessories, thought in the respect of our animal friends, CRUELTY FREE, respecting our environment, and produced under FAIR WORKING conditions, BellaStoria Vegan is Your choice.

They are a small familiar Italian company, con sede in Tuscany. They choose the best and innovative materials, good for the breathability and comfort.


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