Beach kit Shark in Algoblend®

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Beach kit (bucket, sieve, shovel and rake) Mibo seal in Algoblend®. Made in France from brown seaweeds collected in the west of France, brittany. An alternative to the all plastic. Algoblend® is classified in new generation bioplastic category made of innovative 100 % natural components. L’Algoblend is a BPA free material,  reducing thus all the risks linked to these endocrine disruptors. Our partner Algopack is a leader in the blue chemistry sector with all the Patents and Trademarks.

Model : shark

Color : bucket, shovel and rake(blue), Sieve, (yellow)

Manufacturing: made in France

Material : 100% Algoblend® (Brown seaweeds + Polypropylene), Bisphenol A & Phtalate Free

Size : 17 x 16 cm

Age : 2 years old & +

CE certification

Coq en Pâte is a children's accessories and fashion publishing company, which places ethics in the heart of all creative processes.

Their products are designed in France and manufactured in India out of labeled organic cotton (GOTS/Global Organic Textile Standard).

By purchasing a Coq en Pâte product, you help support a project for the preservation of endangered species, lead by Save Our Species, a branch of the International Union for Conservation of Nature.The IUCN is mostly known for being the editor of the Red List of Threatened Species TM .

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