Bola Purple with "Tree of Life"

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The Mexican Bola is a chime ball that was first worn by pregnant women in Mexico who learned through generations of motherhood that the soothing sound of the Mexican Bola against the tummy had a calming effect on their babies before and after birth. Wear the bola pendant under your clothes next to your bump and from around 20 weeks old your baby will be able to hear the bola's gentle chime. As time goes by the chime will become familiar to your baby and may comfort, reassure and relax them in the womb. This understanding stays with the baby and once they are born the bola's chime can again be used to gently settle and soothe.

The beautiful relaxing sound from the Mexican Bola is produced by tiny chimes inside the pendant.

The Mexican Bola is now a worldwide phenomenon as more and more mothers are experiencing the benefits that the soothing chimes from the Mexican Bola has on their babies.

Mexican bola coloured in aubergine purple, diameter 20mm.

Comes with a long string. Made in Mexico.

This is a beautiful Mexican bola pendant designed for mum-to-be. In ancient times it was a tradition in some cultures, such as in India and Mexico, to use this particular jewel to protect the child.
Bola messicano
Bola messicano
The Mexican Bola is designed to create a magical gentle soft chiming sound during mums movement and the baby is relaxed by these chimes up until the birth.The beautiful relaxing sound from the Mexican Bola is produced by tiny chimes inside the pendant and already from 18/20 weeks pregnant, a baby can hear sounds through mum's tummy.
Bola messicano
The future mother, bringing the bola on the tummy, makes this sound familiar to the baby who receives it as a soothing before and after birth.
Even today, these pendants are used as call-angels and protective pendant. Our bola are made from alpaca silver and produce a very pure and clean sound.



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