Bota Sport summer shoes in organic cotton canvas

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Casual spring/summer shoes, ankle high with laces. 100% organic cotton, natural rubber sole. Insole made ​​of 100% organic cotton.

These shoes are very soft and thanks to the natural rubber outsole are very flexible.

Available colours: khaki, beige enz, anthracite gray or cement gray.

Made in Spain by Natural World Eco.

Natural World is completely involved in respecting the environment. Its ecological spirit is in line with its manufacturing process as it uses 100% ecological materials: cotton, natural rubber, recycled cardboard for the boxes, we do not use any material detrimental to health and no underaged workforce whatsoever.


A company's vision is inextricably linked to its social objectives. Therefore, we have an ecological vision, right in line with the footwear we manufacture.

Not only is that our vision, but our day-to-day operation as well, for we have in place a production process totally respectful of the environment from beginning to end, we use 100% ecological materials (cotton, natural rubber), biodegradable materials, recycled cardboard for the boxes, we do not use any material detrimental to health, we set our eyes in sustainable development...

Our production system consists of the use of theVulcanizing System. This manufacturing process was used by our ancestors right where we do it presently, an unsued system, nonwithstanding its ecological attributes, Natural World founders bet on it, giving new life to an ancient system as it was combined with the latest technological advances.

In order to provide our customers with reassurace and offer proof for what we claim, we hold the Made in Green certification, which confirms that in our producing process, from beginning to end, ecological materials have been used to respect the environment, what turns us into a leading company in the industry.

Made in greenEcological quality Certificate
Natural World footwear is made essentially from Cotton and Rubber.

Cotton comes from Spain, and it features the Made in Green Certificate, which confirms it is a material obtained without health detrimental substances, without the use of underaged labor force, is 100% ecological, all of which is available to know by looking the label adjoint to Natural World footwear.

On the other hand, rubber, directly from rubber tree, is top quality as it is an essential part of the shoe which will let you walk comfortably and flexibly, all of those essential items for high-quality footwear manufacturing.

The ancient production system, revisited and enhanced by Natural World creators, consists essentially in the union of the two raw materials, cotton and rubber. Such union is verified thanks to the peculiar machinery, molds at an elevated temperature (170ºC/ 338ºF), on which rubber is placed to melt and then adhere to the cotton forming the shoe, excerting pressure over both.

All of that without the use of any chemical or glue product, Natural World footwear is manufactured exclusively thanks to heating and force of pressure.
This production system provides a highest-quality product, thanks to which we get ecological footwear which is environmentally responsible, breathable, flexible, comfortable, as well as easy to conduct and to wash (wash at 30º), all of these features make Natural World an industry-leading brand.

We are willing to infuse our customers, providers and workers with our vision, respect for the environment, to join efforts to guarantee a better world for the younger ones, in sum, to guarantee what our name states, a Natural World.



icon Recensioni

Francesca on 20/06/2016

Sono comode e belle. Calzano un po' strette, consiglio quindi una taglia in più

Elisanna on 20/08/2015

A parte il disguido di due sx e due colori diversi, ora sono arrivate giuste !
Sono molto carine, a parte un po' strette ... Vediamo magari usandole prendono la forma giusta !!

Teresa on 20/07/2015

Porto normalmente il 38, ho ordinato il 39 ma erano troppo strette e ho dovuto restituirle.

Renata on 07/08/2014 vestono leggermente stetto...

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Claudia on 01/08/2014

Scarpe leggere e molto morbide, ottime per la primavera. Vestono un po' stretto.

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