Bra TOP-BRASSERIE Basicin bamboo and starch

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Natural bra seamless, dedicated to those who have an eco-friendly lifestyle, for those who have skin problems such as irritations, psoriasis, candida, but also those who love sports. Model end-to-shoulder. Article without labels to avoid bothering your skin.

Available colors: white, black or jeans.

36% fiber starch
60% bamboo
4% Lycra fiber spiraled with starch (no synthetic on the skin).

The starch contact with the skin moisture drains towards the outer layer, so we have the advantage of having a skin always dry. These products are very soft on the skin and dermatologically and clinically tested.

Product Features and Benefits:

- Eliminates sweating naturally

- Comfort high heat, DO NOT overheat
- Mitigates unpleasant odors
- It keeps the body in the middle of summer at a temperature of 1-2 ° C lower
- UV resistant
- Bacteriostatic
- Seamless and without labels.
- Hypoallergenic * (valid only for White)
- Sanitized with Hydrogen Peroxide * (valid only for White)
- Free from chemicals * (valid only for White)
- Dermatological tested at the University of Parma

Made in Italy by brand H-earth.

The fabric used is very particular and consists mainly of two eco-friendly fibers:

  • Corn starch contact with the skin
  • Bamboo in the outside side

Is then added, in almost all the heads, a small percentage of elastomer coated to give elasticity to the fabric. In the phase of dyeing is carried out only a washing with hydrogen peroxide without bleaches, antimicrobial agents or other chemicals, and all the production cycle is a low environmental impact. The garments are made without seams and are soft to the touch, suitable in any situation, but particularly suitable for sporting activities. Here's why:

The starch in contact with the skin moisture drains towards the outer layer of bamboo fiber that has a higher to absorb capacity than cotton, and the balanced release of moisture confers a high degree of thermoregulation. We thus have the advantage of having a skin always dry and in case of excessive sweating from sports activities a significant decrease in the wet sensation.

The well-being of a person also depends on what you are wearing and especially if it is in contact with the skin. For this H-earth products are all dermatologically and clinically tested and designed to provide protection to the skin comfort and softness. The garments H-earth are suitable for those who love eco-friendly lifestyle, to those who have skin problems such as irritations, psoriasis, candida, but also those who love sports.

The fiber of corn starch is one of the materials that have been used since the early experiments and and is now an almost invaluable natural products H-earth. The fiber starch is an extraordinary material to stay in contact with your skin because in addition to being soft to the touch does not irritate the skin, reduces the formation of bacteria and reduces odors. The raw material comes from processing waste corn, no GMOs that are not unfit and it is natural.

The other resource is renewable bamboo fiber. This fiber is highly eco-friendly and zero impact because its production requires no chemical additives and is completely biodegradable and gives the garments breathable and antibacterial ability.


Use environmentally friendly cleaning products, non-aggressive
30 ° C wash gentle cycle
DO NOT iron
DO NOT use bleach


icon Recensioni

Raffaella on 28/06/2017

Ottimo, anche in queste calde giornate d'estate! Ma veste poco: io porto la 1a e la S/M è un poco stretta.

Foglia on 18/05/2017

Probabilmente il mio articolo era difettoso perchè si è immediatamente scucito. Buona la qualità

Birthe Larsen on 05/02/2017

Sono felice di poter nuovamente mettere
un reggiseno.

Giulia on 19/09/2016

Reggiseno molto morbido e finalmente in un materiale eco...peccato che la vestibilità non sia il massimo. Anche la taglia più grande è piuttosto stretta.

Mostra altre (3) recensioni Nascondi recensioni
Marta on 16/08/2016

Finalmente un reggiseno comodo e con tessuti naturali..nei comuni negozi introvabile. .

Elisabetta on 23/05/2016

Confortevole. Il tessuto e' piacevole al contatto con la pella.

Paoletta on 20/05/2016

Comodo e confortevole, calza perfettamente ed è molto pratico per chi non ama ferretti e gancetti.

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