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Unwire Bra made with 100% organic cotton, very comfortable. Model in a triangular shapewith a beautiful neckline that enhances the bust. A minute application of lace adorns the edges of this bra in organic cotton, and a cream-coloredsatin bow adorns the end of the left shoulder strap.

Available with A cup (small), B (medium) C (wide). 

Colours: Black - Plum - Taupe

Equipped with 3 hooks closure cotton on the back to adjust the ride underbust. Adjustable straps in elastic.

Fabric 100% organic cotton without spandex (elastic and straps partly in contact with the skin >>> NOT suitable for people with allergies).

Size Guide

  • Tour de Poitrine=breast circumference
  • Dessous de Poitrine=underband circumference


Info about the company:

C.A. BIO distributes under the brand « Peau-Ethique » eco-lingerie, socks, night lingerie in organic and fair-trade cotton. Peau-Ethique born on May 2004 in Saint-Chamond 42 (France). From the begining, Peau-Ethique received prize-winner for onnivation for lingerie in organic cotton and pacific silk.

Proposing a range of lingerie made of organic cotton (for all the family) certified and labelled, in respecting the principles of Fair Trade, is our main goal.

For Peau-Etique, the choice of organic cotton and of Fair Trade's ideas is not an accident. It's a well thought out choice, with which Peau-Ethique commits to respect these essential values in an environmental and fair reasoning :

  • a reasoning linked with the Nature, because contrary to fields of traditional cotton, the culture of organic cotton is clearly healthier for the Environment : the pollution is less, soils and water are saved...and for people who live around them.
  • a reasoning for a fairer trade at each level. In practising Fair Trade's ideas, this shows a real wish to participate in a fairer price in order to help the small producers, to respect them by proposing them good working conditions... Of course, our steps have to be labelled and certified in order to be able to be recognized.

As far as we are concerned, Gots certifies the organic culture of used cotton during the manufacturing, dyeings but also the fair working conditions.
On the other hand, our commitment concerning Fair Trade is now recognized by the P.F.C.E (la Plate Forme du Commerce Equitable) : the French organism of Fair Trade, to which we belong as a "trainee" member since May 2007.

Peau-Ethique represents a young brand with two essential convictions: this of protecting the Human and the Nature in manufacturing its products with organic cotton, and this of helping the Poorest by offering them the opportunity to live in dignity with their families thanks to their work.

The organic cotton...

What do we call « organic cotton » ?

When it is question of « organic cotton », it means this cotton is cultivated with no pesticides, no chemicals, no insecticides and no fongicides, and moreover its picking is made by hand.


Why choose organic cotton for our models?

  • First of all for its softness and its comfort because we wear them next to the skin. As organic cotton is hypoallergenic, it is recommended for sensitive skins and mainly for this one of baby.
  • Respect for the Environment:
    We know that the culture of traditional cotton is the most polluting culture all around the world because of massive use of chemicals.
    This culture grows the grounds poorer, which become barren long-term, it pollutes ground water and rivers...
    That is the reason why organic agriculture helps to conserve a certain balance in the biodiversity of the Environment in preferring the use of natural products. It is not only at an environmental level that this culture is dangerous, but also at a human level.
  • Respect for Human : Each year, the World Health Organization denounces 1 million of poisoned people including 22000 deads working or just living near the cotton fields.


All Peau-Ethique products are certified by GOTS


icon Recensioni

elena on 01/09/2015

Scelto in nero, azzeccata la taglia al primo colpo! Confortevole e comodo, molto "scollata" la coppa, piacevolmente.

Serenella on 13/12/2014

Io ho scelto il nero con profili chiari, molto bello ed elegante. Forse un po piccola la coppa, come commento sopra, ma avendo una taglia piccola, non è un problema importante.

Laura on 11/11/2014

Ho provato il color prugna e la scelta è stata buona, esteticamente mi piace un sacco, non ho azzeccato invece forse la taglia oppure non era adeguato per me il modello perché la coppa è troppo bassa..tende a scivolare in giu' e in generale tende a non sorreggere a sufficienza. Risolto il problema con un'aggiunta nella parte superiore delle coppe che cosi sono piu comprenti e anche ravvicinate (santa mamma sarta!!). Al prossimo ordine vi sentiro' prima per un consiglio, magari una coppa piu grande sarebbe stata piu' adeguata.

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