Cajeput essential oil

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It is obtained by steam distillation of the Cajeput leaves and has a clear to pale yellow color and a pleasant fresh fragrance reminiscent of eucalyptus and camphor, but also has fruity notes. This oil relieves respiratory problems, makes breathing more comfortable and relieves cough better than eucalyptus. It reduces headaches and fatigue during infections and cleans the air. Cajuput also warms the skin and relieves muscle pain, joint and rheumatic complaints. In oral care it soothes the gums. The astringent effect of this oil benefits especially oily skin, and also problematic skin prone to eczema. Cajaput oil is also a potent adversary against fleas on pets. However, it can irritate the skin and should always be used with caution. Never use pure!

Glass bottle: 10 ml

Ingredients: Melaleuca Cajeputi

Warning: read the label carefully and follow the instructions for use. For external use only, not for ingestion. Do not use undiluted. Non-toxic, non-irritant. Avoid during pregnancy. Keep out of reach of children.


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