Cloth diapers AGUNGA

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Cloth diapers AGUNGA consist of two elements: the outer pants and absorbent pad.

The panty is handmade in Italy, joining the internal fiber plant starch with the outer fabric in 100%  untreated cotton. The starch, in contact with skin guarantees high dermatological tolerability and helps to prevent contact dermatitis.

The pant has two pockets in which you place the absorbent pad. The casing of the buffer is made of fiber vegetable starch (the side in contact with the skin) and polyester coated with polyurethane to water (the side in contact with the panty).

They are available in 3 sizes.

Size 1: 1/3 months (3/7 kg)

Size 2: 3/9 months (7/10 kg)

Size 3: 10/20 months (10/13 kg)

Made in Italy by brand GGinnovation

They are:

- Better for the environment because they do not produce waste

- Better for your body, which will be in contact with natural fabrics

- Better for your economy, make the purchase once and use them for many years

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