The Colors of Mother Nature - The Basket

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the basket: contains 6 bottles of 200 gr, you can choose between:

Color Set 1: red, yellow, blue, white, black, light green

Color Set 2: orange, pink, dark green, light blue, violet, brown

The Colors of Mother Nature are tempera colors formulated at the base with natural ingredients. Designed for educational and artistic use, characterized by a rich, dense, covering and luminous consistency. They have an excellent performance and are easy to use. These tempers do not contain components derived from petrochemicals such as acrylic, vinyl resins, solvents, phthalates, formaldehyde, or heavy metals, glutens or other substances known to be hazardous.

FIELD OF APPLICATION: Mother Nature's colors can be used on paper, cardboard, canvas, wood, cork, terracotta, wall and glass.

INGREDIENTS: Milk, egg and vegetable gums, calcium carbonates, cellulose, starches, borates, linseed oil, cosmetic preservative. The colors come from mineral pigments (earths and oxides), for some the colors there are little corrections with synthetic pigments.

SUPPORT PREPARATION AND APPLICATION: Mother Nature Colors are ready to use. Use them pure to obtain a covering effect, add water to give more transparency, until reaching the consistency of the watercolor. The colors can be mixed together to obtain many nuances. Do not use on dusty surfaces or surfaces painted with washable paints or enamels.



  • For dilution use a container different from the original
  • Wear a suitable apron or suitable clothes
  • Wash the brushes after use
  • Close the packs well
  • Do not swallow




  • COLORS: 12 colors available
  • AVAILABLE PACKAGING: jar of 35 gr, bottle of 600 gr and bottle of 200 gr.
  • CONSERVATION: 12 months in original packaging, intact and away from too harsh temperatures, close to 0 °, from freezing, from temperatures over 30 ° and without adding further water.
  • PLACE OF PRODUCTION: Spring Color office in Via Jesina, 63 Castelfidard (An), ITALY
  • PACKAGE PLACE: Spring Color office in Via Jesina, 63 Castelfidardo (An), ITALY
  • NOTES The indications given in this technical sheet are based on personal practical experience, in any case they are to be considered indicative and do not claim to be exhaustive. Spring Color Company reserves the right to make technical changes without prior notice. This technical sheet cancels and replaces each previous edition. Spring Color assumes no responsibility for improper use of products. If in doubt, always do one or more tests before establishing the most appropriate procedure. This data sheet is an information document and can not be a reason for legal disputes.


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