Mosquito repellent - cotton tablets with blend of natural essential oils

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Finally cotton tablets for electric plug-in mosquito killer unit, healthy and natural !! Also can be used multiple times, just charge them with a few drops of Essential Oils Blend "Notti Quiete" (sold separately).

They are produced with totally natural ingredients, the tablet of pressed raw cotton is soaked in a mixture of pure essential oils based on Ayurvedic knowledge. The Citronella, Lemongrass, Lemon, Eucalyptus and Patchouli essential oils are known to be unpleasant to mosquitoes and other insects.

Pack of 12 tablets.

Warnings: Do not leave the tablets and plug-in unattended and keep out of reach of children. Do not inhale the aroma directly. Do not swallow.

The "Notti Quiete" tablets come from a Fair-trade project, for their production is not used child labor.

About Tea Natura

Tea Natura is a manufacturer of detergents and natural cosmetics based in Ancona Italy. Active since 2003 right from the start they are important places objectives: to create biodegradable products in the short term with a focus so the raw materials used; follow throughout the supply chain also taking into account the ethics of their suppliers; using energy from renewable sources; production of concentrated products; everything ultimately revolves around the idea of creating a line of safe products for the environment and for those using them.

Tea Natura is a very lively and despite having already achieved the objectives charge continues experimenting with new formulas in addition to reviewing and improving existing ones. Particular attention is also paid to the choice of the packaging, where it can use an ecological packaging preferably glass, bakelite, paper and recycled cardboard.


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Ekaterina on 19/04/2020

Ho acceso per 10 minuti, le zanzare non c’erano più..profumano tanto!!! È piacevole ma un po’ forte.

Teresa on 14/12/2019

D'estate mi trasferisco in una zona veramente piena di zanzare e pappataci. Ero scettica sull'utilizzo di prodotti naturali, le volte che avevo provato ho dovuto cedere al chimico. Queste piastrine mi hanno piacevolmente sorpresa, allontanano le zanzare per molte ore. L'unica differenza che ho notato è il fatto che l'effetto finisce presto, nel senso che non riescono a durare una notte intera. Ma in ogni caso per me sono promosse.

Maria on 05/08/2019

Una meravigliosa scoperta! Abbiamo preso un fornellino antizanzare da supermercato e utilizzato queste ottime piastrine. Funzionano a meraviglia, ogni tanto le ricarico con la miscela di olii essenziali e addio zanzare! Prima dell’acquisto ero titubante, ora stra-convinta di ricomprare sia le piastrine che la miscela/ricarica!

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