Crackling Bath

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Bathwater Colour, Bath Confetti & Crackling Bath


Whether it’s everything at once or just a little at a time - it will be the craziest tub party of your life.
With colour, more crackling and more fun in the bath tub - this has everything that you need to have a great party in your bath tub!
  • Does not stain the skin or the bath tub
  • With food colouring
  • Preservative free
  • Very good skin tolerance
  • Gluten-free
  • Available in: 3 Pack

Tinti – Fun in the bath! Quality and trust from Tinti. Made in Germany

Children can have a special experience with Tinti! The fun bath and play products turn washing, bathing and showering into a real pleasure and an incredibly creative play experience. The trick is quite simple: Tinti brings colour, play and fun into the water! And whilst Tinti provides fun for children, parents should know that the products are harmless to children's delicate skin, contain no preservatives and do not discolour the skin or bath tub.

When it comes to quality, then creative play ideas and a high enjoyment factor in particular are essential elements, alongside superior ingredients and a sustainable manufacturing method, which make the difference to Tinti fun and play products providing a relaxed and fun bathing experience. Only with a combination of outstanding functionality with play and fun is it possible to encourage childlike curiosity, the joy of discovery and independence and achieve a positive washing and body care experience through sensory perception.

Our products undergo regular internal and external quality checks, by independent test institute amongst others, to maintain the high level of quality in all products within the range. Random samples are taken from all batches of products that arrive in Heidelberg and numerous quality aspects are checked using standard test procedures. For long-term quality control, at least five samples from each delivery are stored for at least three years and continually checked.

However, numerous tests are carried out before new products finally come onto the market. One of these is the dermatological test at Dermatest GmbH that carefully examines all products extremely critically in terms of their skin compatibility. Particularly gentle concentration and extraction processes, as well as the highest purity requirements in raw materials guarantee the high quality of our ingredients. Of course, Tinti products are manufactured without artificial preservatives. For the colours, we process renewable raw materials from nature, amongst others, such as Japanese blue algae, elderberry extract, beetroot, grass-green, flower pigment or natural carotene. We also attach great importance to premium quality in the selection of skin care ingredients. Sea minerals, calendula extract, shea butter, jojoba oil and panthenol care for children's sensitive skin in a gentle manner. Products, such as the bathwater colours, magic bath or the crackling bath pops are food-grade quality and therefore are also completely safe when swallowed.


Tinti upholds an all-embracing quality promise. A broad range of products achieve excellent results in tests. Bath fun and play products from Tinti reflect the use of natural ingredients and certified quality.


The ÖKO-TEST consumer magazine assesses the bathwater colours as "excellent"

In 2002 the editor of the well-known consumer magazine ÖKO-TEST published the results of a series of tests on new products. Tinti's bathwater colours in blue, yellow and red that were launched in 1999 were tested and assessed as "excellent." ÖKO-TEST has tested a total of far in excess of 100,000 products in the roughly 25 years of its existence. The issue of health risks is a top priority in this process. Therefore, the editors test all of life's necessities. Cosmetics, baby food, detergents and wall paints, painkillers and laptops, chips and lawnmowers as well as financial services, insurance, shares and retirement planning.

> Read more about > ÖKO-TEST

The BDIH awards crackling care bath the "Certified Natural Cosmetics" seal

Crackling care bath was awarded the BDIH's "Certified Natural Cosmetics" seal in 2009, confirming that the raw materials used comply with the BDIH's stringent quality standards and guidelines. At the same time, the BDIH's (German Association of Industrial Companies and Trading Firms for pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, food supplements and personal hygiene) control mark represents a trusted constant among an ever-growing range of natural, plant-based and biological cosmetic products. In addition, independent certification institutes test the ingredients and composition of the individual products.

> Read more about the > BDIH seal


The Dermatest Institute confirms that the bathwater colours have "excellent skin compatibility"

Extensive dermatological tests on Tinti products by the independent Dermatest Institute resulted, as well as all other Tinti cosmetic products, in the bathwater colours receiving a verdict of "excellent" in terms of their skin compatibility. Tinti's bathwater colours are particularly ideal for children's sensitive and delicate skin and completely harmless. With its extensive testing procedures, the Dermatest Institute guarantees consumer and manufacturer safety. Products awarded the seal by the test institute live up to the promise of tested and certified quality.

> Read more about the > Dermatest Institute


CE-Mark for certified safety

All Tinti toy products have been awarded the CE mark. The European Community mark (Communauté Européenne, CE) documents compliance with the European Toy Safety Directive 2009/48 EC that also encompasses the requirements of the German Equipment and Product Safety Act (GPSG). Toys that are launched on the German market must carry this mark and give consumers the assurance that they are purchasing certified quality.

> Read more about the > CE mark


Sustainable business - out of respect for nature

Tinti GmbH & Co. KG (then known as Heidelberger Naturfarben GmbH & Co. KG) was given this distinction back in 2005 as part of the City of Heidelberg's "Sustainable Business" cooperation project.

We focus on a manufacturing process that conserves resources as much as possible and, in addition, continually optimize the use of modern and innovative technologies. The use of raw materials and energy is also kept to a minimum. Raw materials and additives are selected at the product development stage in terms of their maximum environmental compatibility. At the same time, we only use substances in our materials that are also harmless to people's health. For Tinti, sustainability is all about having respect for nature in all areas.




How can the bath tub be cleaned?
Simply rinse it out with clean water after use.

Does Tinti discolour acrylic bath tubs?
To date there have been no reported incidents of this happening.

Can joints around the bath tub become discoloured?
Smooth surfaces can be rinsed - joints may become discoloured under certain circumstances and should therefore not come into direct contact with the products to be on the safe side.

Can your hair become discoloured?
No discoloration should occur if the products are used properly i.e. painting soap should not be used on your hair. Any discoloration caused by improper use is completely harmless and will wash out after a few days using normal shampoo.

What can I do if colour gets onto a towel or something similar?
We are unable to give a general statement on stain removal because of the large variety of different textiles on the market.



Which colours are used?
The natural colours used are produced from plants and flowers. Safe and tested colourings that have been approved for cosmetics are exclusively used for all Tinti products.

Are the bathwater colours suitable for sensitive skin or neurodermatitis?
We have only received positive feedback in this respect so far.

What is used for cleaning instead of soap?
The cleaning agents in bath foam, painting soap, bath confetti and kneading soap are wash-active substances, so-called surfactants. In contrast to soap, their pH value lies in the range neutral to the skin.

Is the crackling effect a dangerous chemical reaction?
The crackling effect is a purely physical process. The crackling effect is produced by releasing carbon dioxide (CO2), a similar principle to opening a bottle of mineral water.
Therefore, the crackling effect is completely safe.

Why is it important that Tinti products do not contain preservatives?
All Tinti products contain no preservatives (in compliance with current legislation) so that children's delicate skin is not exposed to any unnecessary stresses and strains.

Is there any concern about swallowing bathwater whilst using the bathwater colours?
There is no risk whatsoever as all raw materials in them are harmless to health and tested in accordance with the current directives and legislation. We also only use ingredients from the food sector. The bathwater colour tablets contain a natural bitter constituent of grapefruit that should cause children to spit out the water instead of swallowing it.

Is there any concern about swallowing crackling magic or crackling bathwater?
There is no risk whatsoever as all raw materials in them are harmless to health and tested in accordance with the current directives and legislation. We also only use ingredients from the food sector.

Can Tinti products cause allergies?
All ingredients used are tested in compliance with the Cosmetics Directive and rated as "safe." However, a reaction cannot be ruled out entirely as healthy and natural raw materials (such as fruit or nuts) can also cause reactions. The list of ingredients should be read carefully. Our raw materials guide can be found at >

Can the products be used by children under the age of 3 years old?
The products can be used from the age of one under supervision. Crackling bath pops should not be used by children who are easily frightened because of the noise that they generate.



Can the products be combined with each other?
All Tinti products can be combined with each other - this makes for a different bathing experience time after time.

How is the confetti used?
Simply throw the bath confetti into the bathwater, conjure up fun tattoos and then use them as soap.

Is the foam in the Bath foam also coloured?
According to the very latest scientific findings, it is not possible to colour the foam.

Does the red crackling care bath also foam?
The red crackling care bath nurtures the skin, crackles in the water and colours the water red, but it does not generate any foam.

How many different contents are there in the magic bath?
There are currently 50 different surprises to collect in the magic bath.

What is the correct way to use the kneading soap?
The kneading soap works in the same way as normal kneading clay. Different figures and shapes can be created with dry hands and then your hands can be rinsed under the water. The product can also be used like a normal bar of soap and kept near the sink to be used on another occasion.

How is the magic towel used?
Remove the wrapper and simply place it in the water. A cuddly towel with a fun Tinti motif will soon emerge after a short time.

Are the products manufactured to any quality standards?
Cosmetics are manufactured to the recognized Cosmetics GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Ongoing quality controls take place during and after production.

Are animal experiments carried out in the development of Tinti products?
Animal experiments are not carried out in the manufacture or the development of the finished products.

As a trader, how can I become one of your customers?
Simply fax us your respective business registration and then the requested order documents will automatically be sent to you.

Warranty information
Tinti products offer the highest standards in terms of quality. However, in the event that there should be any reason for complaint, this should be sent to Tinti GmbH & Co. KG.


Raw materials glossary

Ingredient    Function    Explanation
AQUA Auxiliary agent    Purified, desalinated water
ARGININE Active ingredient    Moisturising amino acid
AROMA Perfume    Food-quality flavouring
ASCORBIC ACID Active ingredient    Ascorbic acid or vitamin C, anti-oxidant effect
BENTONITE Consistency regulator    Magnesium aluminium silicate, inorganic gelling agent
BETA VULGARIS ROOT JUICE Colouring    Red beet extract
BETAINE Active ingredient    Natural moisturizer on basis of beet
BUTANE Fuel    CFC-free gas for aerosols
BUTYROSPERMUM PARKII BUTTER Oil components    Natural shea butter nurtures the skin and makes it soft
CALCIUM CARBONATE Auxiliary agent    Calcium carbonate, limescale, chalk
CALENDULA OFFICINALIS FLOWER EXTRACT Active ingredient    Yellow extract from marigold blossoms
CALENDULA OFFICINALIS OIL Oil components    Skin smoothing oil from yellow marigolds
CAPRYLIC/CAPRIC TRIGLYCERIDE Oil components    Moisturising, smoothing natural oil from the fatty acid of the coconut
CAPRYLYL GLYCOL Active ingredient    Moisturiser and skincare ingredient
CARBOMER Consistency regulator    Gelling agent
CARBON DIOXIDE Auxiliary agent    Carbon dioxide
CETEARYL ALCOHOL Consistency regulator    Thickening agent based on vegetable fats
CI 12490    Colouring    Red cosmetic colouring
CI 14720    Colouring    Red food Colouring (E 122)
CI 15985    Colouring    Orange food colouring (E110)
CI 16035    Colouring    Red food colouring (E129)
CI 16255    Colouring    Red food colouring (E124)
CI 19140    Colouring    Yellow food colouring (102)
CI 42051    Colouring    Blue food colouring (E131)
CI 42090    Colouring    Blue food colouring (E133)
CI 47005    Colouring    Yellow food colouring (E104)
CI 73015    Colouring    Blue food colouring (E132)
CI 74160    Colouring    Blue cosmetic colouring
CI 75130    Colouring    Yellow food colouring (E160a), natural beta-carotin
CI 75300    Colouring    Yellow food colouring (E100), natural curcurmin from turmeric
CI 75470    Colouring    Natural red food colouring (E120), carmine
CI 75810    Colouring    Green food colouring (E141), natural chlorophyll
CI 77891/ TITANIUM DIOXIDE    Pigment    White mineral
CITRAL Perfume    Component of essential oils
CITRIC ACID Auxiliary agent    Citric acid, occurs naturally in nearly all fruit
COCAMIDOPROPYL BETAINE Skin cleansing    Mild active washing ingredient (tenside) based on natural coconut oil
COCO-GLUCOSIDE Skin cleansing    Mild active washing ingredient based on coconut oil and sugar
DECYL GLUCOSIDE Skin cleansing    Mild active washing ingredient based on sugar
DISODIUM LAURYL SULFOSUCCINATE Skin cleansing    Mild plant-based active washing ingredient
GARDENIA JASMINOIDES FRUIT EXTRACT Colouring    Yellow extract of Chinese gardenia
GLUCOSE Auxiliary agent    Glucose
GLYCERIN Active ingredient    Multi-purpose alcohol, moisturising
GLYCERIL CAPRYLATE / OLEATE / STEARATE Oil components    Skin-kind component based on plant oils
GLYCINE SOJA OIL Oil components    Skin-kind soya bean oil
GLYCOL DISTEARATE Auxiliary agent    Pearlescent- and Glimmer Auxiliary agent
HYDROLYZED WHEAT PROTEIN - Active ingredient - Active ingredient promoting combability on the basis of wheat proteins.
HYDROXYPROPYL GUAR HYDROXYPROPYLTRIMONIUM CHLORIDE-Active ingredient - promoting combability, on the basis of guar starch
ISOBUTANE Fuel    CFC-free gas for aerosols
LACTOSE Auxiliary agent    Lactose
LAURYL GLUCOSIDE - Skin cleansing - Mild active washing ingredient based on glucose and coconut oil acids
LIMONENE Perfume    Natural ingredient of essential oils
LINALOOL Perfume    Component of essential oils
MALTODEXTRIN Auxiliary agent    Water-soluble carbohydrate
MARIS SAL Active ingredient    Sea salt
NARINGIN Auxiliary agent    Natural bitter-tasting compound from grapefruit
MICA Auxiliary agent    Gloss pigment
PANTHENOL Active ingredient    Provitamin B5, moisturising
PARFUM Perfume    Natural or nature-identical perfume oil
PERSEA GRATISSIMA OIL Oil components    Avocado oil, skin-kind
POLVINYL ALCOHOL Auxiliary agent    Consistency transmitter
PROPANE Fuel    CFC-free gas for aerosols
PROPYLENE GLYCOL Auxiliary agent    Moisturising agent
SAMBUCUS NIGRA FRUIT EXTRACT Colouring    Reddish purple elderberry extract
SILICIA Auxiliary agent    Mineral moisture binding agent
SIMMONDSIA CHINENSIS SEED OIL Oil components    Jojoba oil, skin-kind
SODIUM BICARBONATE Auxiliary agent    Sodium bicarbonate, baking soda or baking powder
SODIUM CHLORIDE Auxiliary agent    Table salt
SODIUM CITRATE Auxiliary agent    Sodium salt of citric acid
SODIUM COCOATE Skin cleansing    Saponified coconut oil, sodium salt
SODIUM COCO-GLUCOSIDE TARTRATE Skin cleansing    Mild active washing ingredient based on glucose and coconut oil
SODIUM COCOYL GLUTAMATE Skin cleansing    Mild active washing ingredient based on amino acids and coconut oil
SODIUM COCO-SULFATE Skin cleansing    Mild active washing ingredient based on coconutoil
SODIUM FLUORIDE Active ingredient    Prevents tooth decay by hardening tooth enamel
SODIUM GLUCONATE Auxiliary agent    Sodium salt from fruit acids, stabiliser
SODIUM HYDROXIDE Auxiliary agent    pH value regulator
SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE Skin cleansing    Active washing substance with good foaming characteristics
SODIUM LAURYL SULFOACETATE Skin cleansing    Mild active washing ingredient based on plant raw ingredients
SODIUM PALMATE Skin cleansing    Saponified palm oil, sodium salt
SODIUM RIBOFLAVIN PHOSPHATE Colouring    Stabilised vitamin B2
SORBITOL Active ingredient    Sugar substitute, moisturising agent
SOLANUM TUBEROSUM STARCH Auxiliary agent    Potato starch
SUCROSE Auxiliary agent    Household sugar
SPIRULINA PLANTENSIS EXTRACT Colouring    Japanese blue algae extract
STEARYL ALCOHOL Consistency regulator    Thickening agent based on vegetable fats
TALC Pigment    Talc, basic powder ingredient
TAPIOCA STARCH Consistency regulator    Starch powder extracted from maniok root
TOCOPHEROL Active ingredient    Natural vitamin E
TRIETHYL CITRATE Auxiliary agent    Citric acid salt, acidity regulator
TRISONSIUM DICARBOXY-METHYL ALANINATE Auxiliary agent    Amino acid-based stabiliser
XANTHAN GUM Consistency regulator    Natural thickener, multiple sugar produced from glucose
ZEA MAYS STARCH Consistency regulator    Starch powder extracted from corn grains

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Elisa on 10/04/2020

Idea molto carina.
L ho regalato a mio nipote che si è divertito a fare il bagnetto.
Non sporcano e sono naturali.

caterina on 14/12/2015

idea molto simpatica, le 3 confezioni si possono utilizzare in più volte così si ha sempre una novità da proporre ai piccoli "allergci" all'acqua ! ;)

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