Cuddle toy Zmooz in organic cotton

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Zmooz small is a best friend for babies from 0 to 9 months old. Not only is Zmooz durable and made from organic materials, Zmooz is also ideally suited to all the needs and requirements of babies. Zmooz has a soft velour structure and is extremely suitable for both cuddling and sucking. The body piece of Zmooz is flexible and yet firm. Babies find comfort, recovery and security with Zmooz after an exciting day full of new stimuli. Newborns especially need a calm environment with few contrasts and that is why Zmooz’s cap has a soft pastel colour. Babies can recharge and rest with their best and softest buddy. The gentle facial features of Zmooz draw recognition and stimulate the emotional bonding in the first life phase.

Zmooz is available in the pastel colours: pink, sky, lime and peach.

Material: velvet 80% organic cotton and 20% polyester.

Stuffing: pure wool.

Size:  approx 17 cm.

Machine wash: high care programm 30°C

Made in EU

Cuddle toys of natural material, simple design and top quality.

Cuddle toys are of a great importance for the development of the child. they teach love sharing, gives comfort and friendship. Keptin-Jr takes cuddles seriously and produces the best cuddles and comforters for children.

Keptin-Jr products specialize into the following:


Natural and Enviroment friendly materials.

Natural materials are the nicest to cuddle with. Keptin-Jr makes all her cuddles out of natural materials like 100% cotton and pure wool.

Environment friendly productions means taking into account the future of the child. Keptin-Jr uses environmental materials like organic cotton ad recycled cardboard for all her products and packings.

Simple Design.

Simplicity gives space to the imagination of the child.
A happy child can play with a happy cuddle and on sad moments the child can use the same cuddle to find comfort.
The shapes of the cuddle are basic and abstract.
Details like eyes and the mouth are kept to a minimum or
not placed at all. 
Children fill facial expressions in depending on their mood.
Despite the simple design, children recognize the cuddle of Keptin-Jr but still there is space for the imagination. 

The colours. Keptin-Jr uses a lot of natural colours, like ecru and brown. Colourful accents are given by primary and pastel colours.


The cuddles of Keptin-Jr aren't meant for show but for use.
Security and durability play a big part in this. Also, Keptin-Jr place a high value on play.

Security is guaranteed by Keptin-Jr because all the cuddles meet and exceed current safety regulations. Keptin-Jr avoids any possible risks by not using small or dangerous parts in the production of the cuddles. Rattles and beeps are secured in an extra protected case. Safety for all!

Durability your best friend form wearing down. The cuddles of Keptin-Jr are made of strong quality substances and extra strenghten stiches.

Play value is also an important ussue for keptin-Jr. With cuddles you have to cuddle. Many cuddles can be adapted to preform as cloth or blanket. Beeps and rattles are surprising elements for the child. Patches fit behind the neck and behind a blanket you can easily hide. Labels and such are meant for sucking and fidgeting.


Organic cotton

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Luna on 29/12/2018

Morbidissimo. Delle dimensioni giuste per un neonato. Per nulla invadente nella forma (anche del pupazzetto sopra) e dimensioni. Ottimo

Paola on 25/09/2017

Mi sono sempre piaciuti moltissimo questi pupazzetti che trovo adattissimi per bimbi fin dai primi giorni di vita. Occupano pochissimo spazio e possono essere tenuti vicini ai bimbi che possono stringerli, anche involontariamente, fra le dita o, come le mie nipotine, succhiarne un angolino quando la fame comincia a farsi sentire. Sono morbidi e lavabili e sono.... teneramente bellissimi. :-))))

angela on 12/09/2016

Molto bello e morbido ideale per neonati

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