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Made in Germany by Pickapooh. IVN certificate.

About Pickapooh

PICKAPOOH is known for ecologic, trendy and high-quality hats and caps that kids really love for their perfect fit - naturally solely „hand-made in Germany“.

PICKAPOOH is a family-owned business located in Hamburg in Northern Germany. For now 20 years we are specialized on designing and manufacturing children’s hats. Since 1998 we solely work with natural fibers. We are truly „manufacturing“, as we do not mass-produce, and every item is “hand-made in Germany”.

PICKAPOOH offers an all-year-round collection: hats, caps, mitten, scarfs, booties and other matching accessories made from organic wool, organic cotton and fiber combinations like wool with silk.

Since 2004 PICKAPOOH offers a unique UV protective collection made from 100% organic cotton. Offering protection at three levels – UPF 20, 40 and 80 – and in seven classic colors like navy, red, and khaki (UV80), bright orange and sky blue (UV40) and mauve and beige (UV20), we provide fully reliable ultraviolet protection, of cause free of any chemical additives.

PICKAPOOH’s sun protection is certified according to the most stringent rules of the UV-Standard-801. Only this standard tests real wearing conditions and offers reliable UPF values. It is recommended by Stiftung Warentest. You will recognize our special protective clothing when looking for the “UV protect” labels awarded by the UV-Standard-801

For our winter collection we jointly source our materials from and/or together with disana and Engel to offer our customers the freedom of choice to create a perfect color match, even across company boundaries.

PICKAPOOH produces solely in Germany. We produce „to order“, which enables us to deliver summer and winter items all-year-round. Our production lead-time ranges from 2-4 weeks, in peak season unfortunately sometimes a little longer. Pre-ordering customers can choose their preferred delivery week and will be always served with highest priority. Whenever possible, we buy from German suppliers and we choose materials produced to meet strict criteria (e.g. IVN standards or GOTS).

PICKAPOOH is registered as a trade mark with the German patent- and brand register.

PICKAPOOH regularly presents its collections at INNATEX in Wallau.

PICKAPOOH is a member of the International Association of the Natural Textile Industry (IVN).


icon Recensioni

Giovanna on 02/02/2017

Un articolo che ha superato le mie aspettative: morbidissimo il tessuto, color vinaccia vivace ma fine, lungo e pertanto versatile: sciarpa, cappello, passamontagna. E anche versatile, dalla spesa alla passeggiata in montagna...Davvero consigliato. Non ho però ancora provato il lavaggio ma sono certa che non resterò delusa.

Francesca/Francisca on 15/12/2016

Davvero multiuso. Se c'è freddo pungente basta un piccolo gesto per coprire orecchie e testa. Per le occasioni quotidiane va benissimo da usare come collo o bella fascia per i capelli. Non ho trovato il colore che avrei voluto, era esaurito. Però la vestibilità e il materiale sono ottimi. Non pizzica affatto la pelle, anche se c'è la lana. Ho preso la L, pur avendo la testa piccola, erano finite le misure, ma mi sembra che calzi bene!

Francesca on 12/10/2016

Ottima qualità!
Mordido e molto lungo, perfetto per annodare sopra la testa

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