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The BecoThings feeding set is made from the natural plant fibres found in bamboo and rice husks. These materials are sustainable and durable so whilst your little ones might be making a mess of the kitchen they won't be messing up the environment! The set is composed by 1 beaker, 1 plate, 1 bowl.


- BecoBeaker: easy grip slim design for little hands, high curved rim to reduce spills, height about 8 cm.

- BecoPlate: high sided plate to help stop any food escapeas! Star shape, diameter about 20 cm:

- BecoBowl: fun and practical design is perfect for everyday use, diameter about 15 cm.

They can be washed in the dishwasher. DO NOT PUT IN MICROWAVE OVEN!


Here at Becothings we are passionate about fun products that are good for the environment. We are constantly looking at new materials and fresh ideas for eco alternatives to everyday products. Let´s face it, we all need to do our bit.

Over the past year we have expanded our range rapidly and are still growing. Becothings might have just started with little hangers but there are many more ideas to come...

Our eco materials

All Becothings have been designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This means we don’t just look at functionality, we also study product life cycles. Things like hangers and potties often end up in landfill sites, so it’s important that we plan ahead. With the right materials and the right design we hope our Becothings will have as little environmental impact as possible.

Recycled cardboard

Our daily lives are full of cardboard. It comes as packaging in almost everything we buy. The UK produces around 8 million tons of cardboard packaging each year. It is actually made up of cellulose fibres that are created from wood pulp. Sadly this means fresh cardboard requires cutting down trees. Fortunately cardboard is fairly easy to recycle, so by using recycled cardboard we can help save our forests! The other great feature of recycled cardboard is that it is biodegradable. This means products like our Becohangers are not only easy to recycle, but are also safe if they do ever end up in landfill sites.

Plant fibres

Our most important material in the Becothings range is our plastic replacement made from natural plant fibres. It is actually a biocomposite which means it is a mix of biodegradable materials.

Around 80% of the material is made up of fibres from bamboo and rice husks. Rice husks are a by-product of rice production, so it is a great material to use as it is normally thrown away! Although you might picture bamboo as tall thin trees, it is actually a breed of grass and so grows incredibly fast. This means all the bamboo we use can be sustainably grown.

Both these materials are mixed with a resin created from amino acids. It is this resin that bonds all the fibres together. Importantly it also allows the mix to break down. When you place a plant fibre product in warm, damp conditions, like a compost heap or buried in the ground, the resin will start to break down. This in-turn allows the fibres to break down, eventually the product will fully biodegrade away. This process will usually take around 2 to 3 years depending on the environmental conditions.


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Sabrina on 12/08/2017

Veramente carine e anche piuttosto resistenti. Già cadute un paio di volte senza intaccarsi. Le dimensioni dei piatti sono adeguate per un bambino di 3 anni e i bordi rialzati sono perfetti per evitare fuoriuscite. Anche i colori sono molto ho preso azzurro e verde. Il bicchiere ha una forma davvero ergonomica, comoda anche per i piccolissimi, lo sto usando con il mio secondogenito che non ha ancora un anno.

Stefania on 27/07/2017

fatto molto bene, ha resistito nonostante sia stato lanciato in terra molte volte. il bicchiere è ergonomico, anche un bambino di appena 10 mesi riesce a prenderlo facilmente.

Serena on 15/09/2016

bellissimo set, un pò piccolo per la mia bimba che è una mangiona, ma vabbè

Daniela on 10/03/2016

molto carino e pratico, soprattutto il bicchiere; in più azzera i sensi di colpa

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Anna on 13/10/2015

Set pappa ottimo, ne ho preso uno rosa e uno azzurro e i colori sono molto graziosi. Le mie bimbe hanno 2 e 3 anni e le misure del set per loro vanno benissimo. Il bicchiere ha una buona ergonomia e facilità di bevuta.

Valeria on 03/12/2014

Il set ha una linea particolarissima ed é molto piacevole anche al tatto. L'unico consiglio é di pensarlo per bimbi non troppo piccoli perché cadendo può scheggiarsi. L'ho acquistato verde ed é bellissimo!

Elisabetta on 10/10/2014

Set pappa molto grazioso. Il fatto che sia fabbricato con materiali naturali e biodegradabile mi rende poi assolutamente tranquilla.

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