Ecological jug

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Future-oriented, innovative and environmentally friendly: this jug with screw cap is made of 98% recycled plastic (PP)! The insulating insert consists of a vacuum stable glass with excellent cooling and heating function: after six hours, the residual heat from hot drinks is 75 ° C.

The cardboard packaging carries the FSC mark. Warranty on heat retention: five years.

Height 21.4 cm, Ø 16 cm, volume 1.0 l, weight 648 g.
Available in black.

Made in Europe by Helios Germany.

Comply with EU manufacturing standards.

Safety instructions:

- do not place on hotplates, next to heat sources or in cookers or in microwave ovens

- do not fill with ice subes

- do not use for drinks containing milk, as they may cause a build-up of bacteria, this is also applies to food products for babies and children

- do not fill with carbonated drinks

- do not use for tea prepared with metal tea eggs

- when cleaning avoid using abrasive substances or equipment

- do not place the vacuum jug or lid in dishwashers or washing-up water

Clean the juig thoroughly prior to use. Open by turning the lock to the left, close by turning to the right. To ensure optimum heat retention, rinse the jug with warm water before filling. Clean the outside of the jug using a damp cloth. Clean the inside by rinsing with water. Do not use washing-up liquids, alcohol or other spirits or cleaning fluids containing acid. To remove residues, we recommend occasional rinsing with hot vinegar water.

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