Fun Mais Magic Horses

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Make 2 magic horses with Funmais. Simply make the pieces stick together by adding some water, and stick it to the sheets where there are drawn princesses, so you will then create their own dress.  Funmais is made of real corn.

Age: +3 years.


  • A box of 300 colorful pieces of Funmais (pink,blue,white)
  • 2 pattern cards
  • 1 guarded knives
  • 1 sponge
  • Size : 30x20x5 cm

Important! Not for children 0/3 years. Contains small parts: choking hazard.


  • FUNMAIS is Environment Friendly.
  • It is natural and 100% biodegradable. It is made of corn, water and food coloring.
  • FUNMAIS is versatile creative material.
  • It is fun plaything to improve children’s concentration.
  • FUNMAIS is simple to use.
  • It is so simple that everybody can use it.
  • FUNMAIS makes something from nothing.
  • Children can make anything they imagine using simple shape PLAYCORN.
  • FUNMAIS is practical and educational.
  • If you dip PLAYCORN into water, it gets melted to be able to paint. Draw various pictures with used pieces.
  • FUNMAIS improves children's creative skills.
  • It helps children learn to create three-dimensional objects.
  • FUNMAIS is safe.
  • It is natural corn-powder product that is harmless and safe.

FUNMAIS is a natural children's craft material, which is 100% biodegradable. Generally speaking, most of the children's toys are made from plastic, which can harm the human body. It is made from maize and produced in an eco-friendly way, which does not harm the environment and does not harm our children.

* FUNMAIS is a powerful tool to enhance creativity:
FUNMAIS can help children to express themselves to others.

* FUNMAIS can help children's concentration.
Through simple and funny handcraft games using PLAY CORN, children can easily practice their ability to concentrate.

* FUNMAIS is a useful teaching aid.
Put the residual Play Corn into water, when Play Corn melts in the water it can be used as watercolor to paint.

* FUNMAIS is a toy that anybody can use.
There's no limitation in what you can make by using this simple material combined with water!

* FUNMAIS is always a good friend to children.
PlayCorn is 100% biodegradable. It is made from corn, semolina and water, and dyed with natural food coloring and which does not harm the environment and does not harm
our children. It's safe to use.

* FUNMAIS can help children's modeling ability.
By gluing pieces of FUNMAIS one by one you can create a symmetrical design.

Use your imagination and a small amount of water, there's no
limitation to make what you want!
FUNMAIS is made from corn and
produced in an eco-friendly way! It's safe to use.

Made in Holland by SES.

Our toys are not only imaginative, they are also safe and made from top-quality materials. With SES you put the best in your children's hands!

Besides developing creativity, safety and quality are the most important aspects of all our products! We develop our formulas in our own laboratory; this is also the place where we subject our products to the strictest standards and controls.

As we develop each product ourselves and produce it in house, we can guarantee its quality and safety. SES products only appear on the market when we are fully convinced of their safety.

The quality of all our products has our continuous attention. Therefore, SES products are always:
- Safe
- Washable
- Colourful
- Good coverage of paint and colouring materials
- Gluten-free
- Non-toxic
- Hypoallergenic
- Animal-friendly
- Supplied with clear instructions/manual


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