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The Classic Cap is, well, a classic. It is a simple screw cap that just plain works. It is the favorite cap for those that prefer to drink direct from a wide mouth. The handle can be clipped to bags and the leakproof cap seals with a twist.

Colours: purple, dark grey or turquoise.

Glass made in France; Cap made in Poland; Sleeve made in the U.S.; Product assembled in the U.S.

- BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free
- Dishwasher safe (place cap on top rack/no need to remove silicone sleeve)
- All components made in the U.S. or Europe
- Product assembled in the U.S.
- All materials are FDA approved
- Includes polypropylene (PP#5) cap
- Our glass bottles offer a pure taste with no leaching from plastics or metals
- Wide-mouth access makes it easy to add ice cubes, citrus slices or tea bags
- Protective silicone sleeve provides a non-slip gripping surface and helps prevent breakage
- 16 oz (475ml)

About Life Factory

Lifefactory was born in 2007 when pediatric feeding specialist, Pam Marcus, and integrative designer, Daren Joy, joined together to develop a line of health-minded, design-forward baby bottles. The Company has grown and the product line has expanded but the purity of their original vision remains.

Our caps are made of BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free polypropylene (PP#5) – safe for everyday food and beverage contact.

Glass is easily recyclable and made from abundant natural ingredients. It is BPA/BPS-free, delivers the best taste and cleans easily in the dishwasher.

Our protective silicone sleeves are made from BPA/BPS-free, medical-grade silicone. They provide a non-slip gripping surface and help prevent breakage.

Manufacturing in the U.S. is important to us.  It means reliable, well-made products and helps ensure that jobs stay in our communities.

Our silicone sleeves, teethers and select caps are made in the U.S.

Our European partners offer the highest-quality and an obsessive attention to detail.

Our glass bottles, silicone nipples and select caps are made in Europe.




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Silvia on 01/01/2021

Ottimo prodotto, imboccatura larga, lavabili facilmente anche in lavastoviglie

Denja on 07/10/2019

Finalmente ho detto stop alle bottigliette di plastica al lavoro! È vero il peso è maggiore, ma visto che sono in vetro è normale e comunque io ne porto spesso anche una in borsa e se si pensa a quanta plastica non si utilizza più, il peso sembra di averlo tolto non aggiunto.
Ne ho acquistate 2, una blu ed una arancio, i colori sono molto belli. La tenuta del tappo è ottima ed avendo l'imboccatura larga sono utili anche per preparare tisane. Lavate diverse volte in lavastoviglie sempre perfette.
Ottimo prodotto lo consiglio.

Francesca on 25/06/2019

Ottime! Ne ho comprate 2 color verde acqua per portarmi da bere al lavoro e nel tempo libero. Leggere e igieniche perché si lavano facilmente; la guaina interna del tappo ha un leggero odore "floreale" che col tempo sembra attenuarsi. Il prezzo è un po alto.

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