Cafe Mug - Insulated Glass bottle 475 ml

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The NEW 16 oz (475 ml) Glass Mug with Cafe Cap and protective insulating foam sleeve for hot beverages. Our Cafe Collection is designed for maximum enjoyment of coffee and tea on-the-go. Our glass delivers pure taste, full flavor and is healthy for everyday use.

For peak flavor, enjoy coffee / tea directly after brewing / steeping; our mugs keep your beverages warm for up to one hour.

The Cafe Collection is crafted in the USA and France.


Hot beverage friendly Cafe Cap

o One-hand open/close – great for driving

o Safe sipping well – liquid cools before entering mouth

o Pivoting handle – easy carry

o Spillproof seal – safe transport

o Made in the USA of polypropylene (PP#5)


High quality borosilicate glass bottle

o Taste purity – full flavor

o Healthy core material  – no leaching or taste residue

o Thermal shock resistant glass – safely handles temperature changes

o Wide mouth opening – easy to clean, fill, brew, steep

o Thick sturdy glass – highly durable but not unbreakable

o Made in France


Protective insulating sleeve

o Ample insulation for everyday use

o Protects glass – added durability

o Non-slip grip – fewer drops

o Cool touch – safe handling

o Viewing ports – watch brewing, see what’s left, ensure cleanliness

o Made in the USA


All components are…

o Dishwasher safe (with sleeve on / cap on top rack)

o BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free


Do not microwave.


About Life Factory

Lifefactory was born in 2007 when pediatric feeding specialist, Pam Marcus, and integrative designer, Daren Joy, joined together to develop a line of health-minded, design-forward baby bottles. The Company has grown and the product line has expanded but the purity of their original vision remains.

Our caps are made of BPA/BPS-free and phthalate-free polypropylene (PP#5) – safe for everyday food and beverage contact.

Glass is easily recyclable and made from abundant natural ingredients. It is BPA/BPS-free, delivers the best taste and cleans easily in the dishwasher.

Our protective silicone sleeves are made from BPA/BPS-free, medical-grade silicone. They provide a non-slip gripping surface and help prevent breakage.

Manufacturing in the U.S. is important to us.  It means reliable, well-made products and helps ensure that jobs stay in our communities.

Our silicone sleeves, teethers and select caps are made in the U.S.

Our European partners offer the highest-quality and an obsessive attention to detail.

Our glass bottles, silicone nipples and select caps are made in Europe.




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