Hammock for newborn

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Hammock for newborn made from Fair Trade cotton.

All babies, especially babies who often cry, love sweets movements of the hammock.
Babies love to be swaddled, it gives them a feeling of security.

From 0 to 4 months.

The hammock provides the natural elements baby experienced for over nine months in the maternal womb. Babies are born into a world that is unlike anything they have experienced inside the womb. They crave closeness and they crave motion.

Conventional cribs and cots are firm and flat and provide little sense of security for baby. The hammock gives baby a slightly upright, soft, curved and contoured surface that gives baby the same snuggled feeling as your loving arms.

For the successful development of the spine and the hip joint is recommended to use the hammock. In the hammock body and neck of the baby are fully supported. Does not strain the back of the baby.

The hammock can easily take the babies the fetal position that they were used to having the maternal womb.
For this reason the babies after the birth, love to make their nap in the hammock.

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