Heavy Blanket in 100% pure German wool

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Blanket in 100% new German virgin wool, plain colored with cotton thread around the edges.

dimensions 150/220 cm - weight 2200 g

For the care of blankets and plaids made of natural wool, the manufacturer recommends hand washing at 30 ° C with wool detergent. Often, however, it is perfectly sufficient to ventilate blankets and throws spreading them in the open air. In fact, natural wool yarns absorb odors only and are very repellent to dirt thanks to the structure of the fiber. Some hours suspended in the damp misty air (also artificially created in the shower) is the best cure for blankets and throws.

Steinbeck is a German company established in the field of spinning, weaving and finishing of carded wools. They eliminate the chemicals that are harmful to the environment during processing and use only biodegradable and formaldehyde-free aids. In the washing process they use natural soaps and take the utmost care in making blankets and throws. The blankets are made without chemical mothproofing, so it will be your care to choose a natural mothproof or essential oils to preserve them.

Their sincere motto is "NATURE IS OUR FUTURE". From the purchase of virgin wool to finished products, they have all stages of production in their hands. This means maximum security.

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