Lilacs home fragrances in coconut oil - long lasting

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Lilacs home fragrances in coconut oil - long lasting

100ml-250 ml - Cruelty Free

The Artes Quaero fragrances are embraced by vegetable cosmetic oil, coconut oil (Caprylic Triglyceride), which is also used as an emulsifier in organic body creams, while fragrances are given either by essential oils or innocuous reconstructions conforming to IFRA. Artes Quaero strictly adheres to the IFRA certification for perfume production, adapting to the new European standards (now very and fairly stringent for the protection of consumer health).

The Pino Mugo fragrance has only the essential oil as a scent, but Lilla and Frangipani have only synthesis components, while the other scents are a mix of essential oils and safe and certified syntheses.

The dyes used are food grade.

The quality of the Artes Quaero perfumers is due to the fact that it is totally harmless for children (older than 3 years, because under 36 months of age olfactory sense should never be stimulated too much by any perfume) and for our animal friends, since they do not release alcoholic molecules into the environment, and are therefore suitable to be placed in the bedrooms as well.

The strength of the Artes Quaero fragrances is due to the intensity of scent and persistence, which develops for about one year in an environment with a temperature of about 20-22 ° C. Unlike an alcohol-based scent, cosmetic oil takes much longer to consume.

TIPS FOR USE: The release into the fragrance environment is determined by the bamboo pole sticks that accompany the perfume bottle, which slowly absorb the oil contained therein. It is advisable to turn the sticks one by one for the first week of use, and then turn them 2-3 times a week. Of course if you want a more intense scent you can turn them more often, but in this case the scent will run out first. Even in summer and in environments with temperatures above 22 ° C, the duration of up to 12 months is not guaranteed.

Artes Quaero is a small company in Italiano Apennines, in the province of Bologna, specialized in the formulation and realization of natural and organic cosmetic products at Km 0 and of perfumery in cosmetic oil.
Artes Quaero is a brand that aims to transform the innate sensibility of the founders towards "looking for the beautiful" in a modus operandi capable of marking the value of Made in Italy.
The Latin etymology of Artes Quaero literally means "I seek and I want beautiful things", a name derived from a careful investigation of the Italian design method, a memory of that handicraft mastery that in the past gave glory to our country. This past has to be rediscovered and cultivated: Artes Quaero does it with care and attention, but never forget that every creation has a piece of Italian history.

The "Etruscan Fragrances" are a line of cosmetic products and fragrances made with true natural extracts that evoke the ancient fragrances of Etruria. The design ability to formulate a whole line of natural cosmetics comes from the experience and passion of years in the collection of officinal plants that grow and lush in the woods and meadows of the Apennines.
Artes Quaero succeeds in conferring a fresh and innovative character to fragrances, oils and extracts, while maintaining a high level of technical quality and craftsmanship; Artes Quaero does not commission animal testing.

The naturalness of the raw materials make these compositions of true masterpieces for the smell and well-being of the person. Artes Quaero's fragrances are really fragrances to wear!


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