Iris root for teething babies

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A little history
The Root of Iris is an ancient natural remedy that was used since ancient times to soothe aching gums during teething. Popular in German culture but becoming more widely known and popular here, it is known for its natural anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving characteristics

The teether is a root of Iris Germanica L. (Root purple), a plant of the Iris family.

Each root has been hand worked to reach the most delicate soft surface that will gently massage your baby’s gums and provide comforting teething relief.

It has a stone-like form and due to its natural source, each root has been individually, carefully and responsibly selected with your baby’s well being and comfort in mind.

Safety - Do not attach around baby's neck.

Will be supplied with a organic cotton rope, which is used exclusively to allow the root to dry after use.

Notes: to clean the root, allow to dry after each use and immerse in boiling water if you wish to sterilise, without the addition of detergents.

Please note that each root is unique and may differ in size, shape and colour.


Plants, plant extracts, herbal products and food supplements are not medicines or curative products, and therefore to them are not known therapeutic activity or ability to cure human diseases. The information on this certificate originate from the herbal literature and are to be used for information purposes only and cultural heritage, having only purpose of botanical species, historic or healthy. This information may also derive only by traditional herbal or empirical research, not necessarily a medical or scientifically demonstrated and confirmed.There is therefore no guarantee of match between the information and studies on the individual ingredients and the actual activities carried on the human body by the same or preparations contain these substances. For these reasons, the above information should not be used to make decisions about your health or any medical treatment, and in no event are to be considered as a substitute for medical care or taking medication. In the case of known allergy or intolerance to certain components always ask to be confirmed the Ingredients / INCI listed on the site. In case of problems, diseases, or allergies always consult your doctor first.


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Laura on 16/08/2019

Buon prodotto, allevia i dolori della dentizione

Sara on 18/05/2019

Un must have della dentizione.

claudia on 28/12/2017

Ottima!!!prima di questo rimedio le avevamo provate tutte:pomate,collane...niente...questo rimedio ad Elisa funziona alla grande!!

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